BBC Four Acquires UK Rights To ‘The Secrets She Keeps’ & ‘The Last Wave’

BBC Four has inked deals with DCD Rights and Fremantle to acquire the UK rights to Australian drama series The Secrets She Keeps and French drama The Last Wave, respectively. Both series are expected to air in the channel’s Saturday night foreign drama slot later this year.

“The Secrets She Keeps is an emotionally-charged psychological thriller, full of surprise twists and turns, and The Last Wave is a supernatural eco-thriller where an idyllic setting is the backdrop for mysterious events”, said the BBC’s Head of Programme Acquisition Sue Deeks, who brokered the deals with DCD Rights and Fremantle. “The two series are clearly very different, but both are utterly compelling and guaranteed to keep the audience gripped until the very end.”

The Secrets She Keeps follows Agatha and Meghan – two women from vastly different backgrounds both with explosive secrets that could destroy everything they hold dear. The drama series, which is inspired by a real-life hospital kidnap incident from the 1990s, is produced by Lingo Pictures and stars Laura Carmichael (Downton Abbey, Marcella, The Spanish Princess), Jessica de Gouw (The Crown, Vienna Blood, The Hunting) and Michael Dorman (For All Mankind, Patriot, Wonderland).

The Last Wave is set during a surfing competition in Biarritz when a huge ominous cloud takes over the sky. As the cloud and sea meet, a jaw-dropping 3km wave appears, engulfing all the participants. As the days pass, the mystery deepens when the surfers begin to return home dazed and confused, with no memory of where they have been or what happened to them.

One by one, the returning surfers discover that they have been changed by the event and each possess exceptional and inexplicable powers. With the town united in fear, waiting for another wave to strike, scientist Ben Lebon makes an amazing discovery concerning the mysterious cloud hovering over the ocean: a discovery that has far-reaching consequence for all of Brizan’s residents. The drama series – which was penned by Raphaëlle Rondaut, Alexis Le Sec, Sophie Hiet –  is produced by Kwai.