About Us

TVWise is an independent trade outlet covering the British television industry. We provide day-to-day coverage across commissioning, development, the latest moves at the major broadcasters and production companies, as well as trends and developments affecting the wider industry.

While we are primarily a trade publication, we do offer some limited consumer coverage, including – but not limited to – casting and UK premiere dates, as well as interviews with the cast and creative talents behind both original UK productions and US shows crossing the pond. Other regular features include insight, analysis & commentary on key areas of the industry.


The company was founded by Patrick Munn, who serves as both the Managing Director and Editor In Chief. He has been working as an entertainment journalist since 2011 and launched TVWise in January 2012. We were originally positioned as a quasi-trade covering both the American and British television industries, with a particular focus on U.S. scripted acquisitions.

Between 2012 and 2017 TVWise earned a strong reputation for our breaking news coverage and we have been quoted/referenced in a number of media outlets including Broadcast Magazine, Deadline Hollywood, CNN, BBC, Digital Spy, The Daily Mail, The Mirror and more. It was in August 2017 that the site pivoted away from its previous editorial positioning to become a full UK trade outlet.

Our Team:

Patrick Munn is the founder and Editor in Chief of TVWise. The idea for a TV news site providing in-depth reporting on both the British and American TV industries occurred to him in 2010 while he was working as a freelance entertainment journalist. He has a strong reputation for providing in-depth coverage of U.S. acquisitions.

Charlee Peters is a freelance TVWise contributor based in the UK. Charlee has written extensively for a number of other online outlets and will be covering both US content for TVWise, including interviews with talent, executive producers and directors.

Frequent Contributors – TVWise also has a fairly large roster of guest writers who will be writing posts for the site. All of these writers are credentialed journalists with years of experience in the entertainment industry.