Fox Eyes “More Traditional” Episode Order For ‘X-Files’ Season 11, Official Pick Up Expected “Within Weeks”

The X-Files RevivalEXCLUSIVE: After months of rumours, an eleventh season of The X-Files is within sight. I’m hearing from my sources that Fox execs are targeting a “more traditional” episode order for the new season and that the official green-light is expected from the network “within weeks”.

Sources are reluctant to say much of anything either on the record or on background, but I’m hearing that after hoping to convince Chris Carter, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to sign on for a thirteen episode eleventh season, Fox senior executives, led by Dana Walden, have settled on an order in the range of 8-10 episodes. (UPDATE: Additional sources are now saying the order will be for ten episodes)

Just as it was the last go around, the biggest hurdle has been scheduling, with finding an opening in the work schedule of the always busy Gillian Anderson being a key issue. That has been all but resolved and, while there are still some key deal points (fear not, I hear Fox got the memo on equal pay) all three are set to return for the new season, which I’m told is eyeing a Spring/Mid-2017 production start in Vancouver. Sources also tell TVWise that Fox is eyeing the new season for a key slot on their 2017 Fall schedule.

Once the official pick-up comes down, talks will then begin with other key players who are deemed vital for the new season. That includes Glen Morgan, who wrote and executive produced season ten, and Mitch Pileggi who plays Mulder and Scully’s erstwhile boss, FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner. Chris Carter will once again serve as lead writer, executive producer and showrunner. There is no word on who Carter is looking at to staff the writers room for these new episodes, which will have to pick up from the cliffhanger ending of season ten.

The larger episode order, while good news for fans of The X-Files, is expected to play well with both Fox’s international sales division, Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution, and foreign broadcasters – some of whom were initially a little wary of signing on to air the short tenth season, which consisted of a mere six episodes. Representatives of both Fox and 20th Century Fox Television declined to comment.

  • SansSyntax

    For the love of all that is holy, please do not let Chris Carter write anything. Please Fox TV, let him exec produce but get another show runner. His season 10 episodes were terrible.

    • N27

      He´s the creator. Let him do his thing.

    • Ryo Shenmue

      No, his Babylon episode was good actually, you’re simply too stupid to understand it and analyze it. Chris Carter IS The X-Files.

      • E.

        No. It was just full of nonsense. I understood what he was trying to do, but it was still not a good episode. Same goes with the other episodes he did.

        • Hank_Henshaw

          I miss the writer that made Irresistible or The Host. He needs to stop trying to make a “clever” episodes (Darin Morgan he is not!), and go back to writing some meat-and-potatoes horror episodes. Same goes for the mythology, it’s hard to believe the same man that wrote Erlenmeyer Flask, Duane Barry or Anasazi, also wrote My Struggle I and II.

  • me

    Yeah! More X-Files Please! Favorite show ever, only series I own. Now, it is back on late at night, too. I love the X-Files. Please, though, as much as I love it, give it a proper finish. I would be OK with it ending this season or maybe one more season, but, have a closure episode to tie it all together. Nothing, as much as I love the show, lasts forever. I am only worried it ends without a grand finale. The series did great and then I was worried because the 2nd movie was so bad.

    • Robin Peterson

      I agree, “I want to believe”, was terrible.

    • E.

      I agree with you about the proper finish. Not about IWTB though. I liked the movie ok. Thought it was better than what CC put out this time. Hopefully his s11 work will be better.

  • Robin Peterson

    I loved the 10th season episodes. They were a throwback to the funnier more quirky stories. Keep up the good work Chris, maybe David or Gillian could direct one of the new episodes.

    • E.

      Thanks to James, Glen and Darin. Chris… no. I’d rather forget what he did this time. And I was a fan of his writing. This time was beyond disappointing. But I too hope that David or Gillian could direct one of the new episodes.

  • Dijeirusan

    They need to get rid of the Monster of the Week episodes and stick with the mythology arc.

    • Cesar

      No, the Monster of the Week is great

      • Dijeirusan

        They were the worst episodes this year. By far. That type of storytelling doesn’t work anymore. Even today’s procedurals have overarching continuity in every episode.

        • Cesar

          I disagree

  • Cesar

    Good news! Finally! What X Files needs is the return of Vince Gilligan and Howard Gordon e Alex Gansa , that way you got a “more traditional X Files episodes”.

  • Matthew Cashel

    chris, please, fix the myth-arc of season 10 and dig deeper to show that there was a conspiracy between the global syndicate and that was not good. the recent event series destroyed and contradicted hundreds of scenes we witnessed where mulder was not involved. fix this “dallas dream” and progress and reveal how the event series, no one knew for sure what the colonists were up to or why they missed their date of colonization but don’t think me stupid enough to buy this was the end game(a buncha powerful humans killing everyone else). what an expensive conspiracy for genocide.