BBC One’s ‘The Paradise’ Cancelled After Two Seasons

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The Paradise is closing its doors. BBC One has cancelled the period drama after airing two seasons of the series, TVWise has confirmed.

The period piece, which was loosely based on the novel by Émile Zola, followed the exploits of one of the first department stores and at its core was a love story between two central characters: Denise and Moray. The series had been in development at the BBC as far back as 2011 and was fast-tracked to compete with ITV’s similar themed Mr Selfridge. The Paradise was penned by Bill Gallagher, produced in-house by BBC Drama Production and featured a large cast which included, amongst others, Emun Elliott, Joanna Vanderham, Elaine Cassidy, Sarah Lancashire and Ben Daniels.

Both seasons of The Paradise had ok but not stellar ratings and the series was never able to match the mass appeal of ITV’s Mr Selfridge which logged close to 8 million viewers for each episode across its initial 10 week run. In its first season, The Paradise averaged 4.9 million viewers (5.7 million consolidated) and quickly earned a second season renewal. The show’s second season saw a slight dip in the ratings, averaging an overnight audience of 4.7 million viewers and a consolidated audience of 5.5 million viewers, but more or less held up well year-to-year.

As such, the BBC notes that rather than being driven by the series’ ratings performance, the decision to retire The Paradise comes out of a need to make room for a number of new dramas. “We are incredibly proud to have made two successful series of period drama The Paradise for BBC One”, a representative of the BBC said in a statement. “However in order to make room for new dramas to come through, The Paradise won’t be returning.”

Such new dramas that BBC One has coming up in 2014 include 1970s set spy thriller The Game, a medical drama series set during World War One titled The Ark, three-parter From There To Here which is set in the aftermath of the 1996 Arndale bombing, a seven-part series adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, a new drama series from The Syndicate scribe Kay Mellor titled In The Club, three-part drama serial Jamaica Inn and kidnapping drama Happy Valley.

  • Bella

    I am so sad it has been canceled. No more BBC for me or my girlfriends.

  • Angela

    At least bring it back for one final season to wrap the story up. Have a go you mugs!

  • Sueage

    got the complete DVD sets for both series and absolutely love them – is there no way we can change the minds of the BBC?

  • Lauren Barber

    Please re-think and produce an ending. Even a shorter film. As an avid BBC viewer and purchaser of DVD’s that are not always available in NZ.
    Australia has recently agreed to give us an ending to A Place Called Home after 10,000 complaints
    Thank you.

  • Erica

    A post from a very sad holland…!!! I’m just deeply disappointed and in shock that “The Paradise” was canceled by the BBC.The sets, costumes, story, plot and the actors are all great … !!! It is a tease to make us fall in love with these characters and then not deliver by cancelling the show. Please allow Bill Gallagher to do what he does best.The shining doors of Moray’s department store to be opened for the last time…that isn’t possible..!!!

  • Erik

    What’s with these producers? Totally out of touch with the viewers. This was one of the best series on Masterpiece! Fine writing, acting and characters. Why would you cancel? Could not have been from low viewership. Ad lest finish up the storyline with season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim-USA

    So sad that “The Paradise” has ended. Wish they had more shows like “The Paradise”. It’s a good and clean show, not like some of the other garbage on TV.

  • sharon

    You at BBC made a very bad discussion to cancel such and amazing show. I just got around yo tellingbrleveryone I knew. I can’t stand Mr Selfridge, its arrogant and not at all like the truth. Jeremy irons is annoying and ridiculous. Bring the paradise back!!!

  • Rocio

    It can’t be possible!! I was waiting for Season 3!!! I’m so sad this show has been canceled. Please reconsider it.

  • annaaurora

    There is nothing worse than binge watching thinking you have new episodes to come. Uuugghhh! Somehow and in someway marketing needs to improve this show should of aired on BBC America, which bores me to snores. I love the paradise!

  • Hezekiah Stephan Shabazz

    I’ve just binge-watched the first season. What a terrific little show. So disappointed to learn that the second season is all there is.

  • Amber

    I am highly disappointed that there won’t be a 3rd season!!!! Both my mom and I absolutely LOVED watching this series!! Sad how the views determines whether or not there will be a show. There are still ppl on this planet who enjoy filth free shows.

  • Myra Diaz

    I am so disappointed… I love all the cast and I love the character of Mr. Moray than that of Mr. Selfridge. Well, I may be speaking ahead of myself since I am just on episode 4 on Mr. Selfridge. I sat down and watched Paradise and got glued to it and finished it in two days! Unlike Mr Selfride, I can be unglued from it… I really would like to know what happened with the two of them and I wish BBC would reconsider. Not a lot of people know about Paradise like i was, until somebody suggested it on Netflix. Oh please reconsider so I would not have to keep watching my favorite episodes over and over again, my kids think I am crazy already…


    The paradise was enagaging,quirky, brilliant and enchanting! Why on earth would such an injustice be given and cancel the show! !! Please please pleasw bring it back!!! I implore you to!

  • Karen Caprio

    I love this show. Just found it now. Bring it back please. It was delightful and fresh.

  • Elizabeth

    I agree The Paradise is my favorite show and after seeing this… my heart is actually hurting. I don’t know what to think anymore.

  • Ronnale Ellis Irons

    Heart broken …..positively loved this show….

  • Betânia Nascimento

    Ohhhh my goodness!!! I´ve finished whatching the second season right now on Netflix and I don´t believe that we´ll not see the season 3 … It´s toooo sad!! Awesome serie, lovely characters, settings, fantastic screenplay., and all.. Oh gosh!!! Hey.. come on… They should reconsider it!!!

  • Gail Moffett

    Wow I loved the story googled to see the third season when it was getting so good. Sad to see it go.

  • Pamela Beale Pegorari

    This is terrible, such a great show cancelled after 2 seasons! They should have at least did a third season to wrap it up. Wish it was picked up by someone else. So a fantastic show, I can’t believe it didn’t get any awards