Ben Miller Exits BBC One’s ‘Death In Paradise’, Kris Marshall Cast As New Detective

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There has been a cast shake up on BBC One’s drama series Death In Paradise. Ben Miller (Johnny English) – who has played DI Richard Poole on the show’s past two seasons – will be departing the series during its upcoming third season. Details of Miller’s departure are being kept under wraps, however, the BBC has announced that Kris Marshall (My Family) has been cast in the series as the new lead detective. Marshall will play the bright, but rather disorganised and gawky DI Humphrey Goodman, who is stuck in a mid-life rut and is looking to find a new life and fresh start. He will joined on the show’s third season by returning regulars Sara Martins, Danny John-Jules, Gary Carr and Don Warrington. Production on the new season is set to commence on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe next month.

Death In Paradise was created by Robert Thorogood and originally told the story of a quintessential English detective, DI Richard Poole, who is not so keen on sun, sea and sand but has found himself living and working on the paradise island of most people’s dreams. Now working with exotic local cop Camille, Richard goes about solving an intricate and intriguing murder. The drama series is produced Red Planet Productions in association with Kudos Film and TV & BBC Worldwide and stars Ben Miller, Sara Martins (Little White Lies), Danny John-Jules (Red Dwarf), Don Warrington (New Street Law) and Gary Carr (The Duchess). The series was renewed for a third season earlier this year after its second season atrracted a consolidated audience of over 8 million viewers.

Speaking of departing the series, Ben Miller said: “I have absolutely loved my time on Death in Paradise and am sad to be leaving such a successful show, however DI Poole has made no secret of his struggle with the Caribbean heat, so I felt now was a good time to put him out of his misery! I know Kris will do a superb job and I’m delighted to be handing over the detective baton to him.”

Speaking of joining the series, Kris Marshall said: “I am thrilled to be joining Death in Paradise and finding out a bit more about what makes Humphrey tick. Six months filming on a tropical island with an amazing cast and glorious sunshine? What isn’t there to love! I might even get myself a parrot!”

Belinda Campbell, Executive Producer for Red Planet Pictures, commented: “Ben Miller is an excellent actor and has played the part of DI Richard Poole magnificently for two series, and we’re very sad to be saying goodbye. However we’re thrilled to be welcoming Kris Marshall on board who we know will be brilliant in the role of Humphrey. He will bring with him dishevelled charm, sparkle, quick wit, and a razor-sharp intelligence in solving crimes.”

While Ben Stephenson, Controller of BBC Drama, added: “Thank you to Ben for leading two hugely successful series of Death in Paradise. He is leaving on a high and handing over to the very talented Kris Marshall. I am looking forward to seeing Kris in his new role and what he does with his character.”

  • Jane

    I just hope this isn’t the death knell for DiP. It’s a lovely little show.

  • Richard

    Grim news DIP relies on Richard/Camille whole point now lost

  • Tibi

    Probably what could have been a very successful show would disappear among all the other ones

  • Tristan

    Let’s give Kris a chance!

  • Marilyn Chan

    Oh No !!! Ben was brilliant !
    Its a bit like when David Tennant left Who – how could he be replaced ? But a new one grows on you !!

  • Marilyn Chan

    Anyhow, I like Kris Marshall, he is very funny !

  • Nic

    Well that’s the end of this show.
    Should cancel the third series.

  • Anne Loat

    I am devastated! Ben Miller absolutely brilliant – and what will happen to his little lizard friend?
    Nobody will be able to replace his humour – (and yes- sex appeal!!)

  • Charlotte

    Such a shame! Not sure i will be interested in watching once Ben Miller leaves. Kris has very big boots to fill. And yes what about Harry the lizard?

  • David

    I like Ben Miller in Death in Paradise,now ben has gone I shall just have to watch series 1&2 on DVD again and again…………and again……….and again…….

  • Miki

    Sniffle. The show has been such fun–and the setup between Poole and Camille (I love how she dresses) has been great.

  • Michael Commins

    Why do they do it they have a winning formula and typically British they have to change every thing. not that i care for some of the American series but at least you can sit back with confidence knowing that your favourite character will be there for somme time time/years to come. Very disappointed to see Ben Miller is leaving whatever his reasons

  • gerard andrews

    how strange that ben miller exits the show and at the same time mat smith is to leave as the doctor . whats the ods on ben miller as new doctor who

  • Janet Quinton

    Love the show Death in Paradise and will miss Ben Miller don’t think the show will be the same without him the actors all work well together in season 1 & 2

  • zach

    The only way this will work is if he leaves with Camille, with means as a couple.
    The tension between these two characters is what makes the show work.

  • Em

    Ben Miller please reconsider!! The whole dynamic of the show will be ruined and I was looking forward to the developing relationship between Camille and Richard. The very smug, overrated Kris Marshall is a poor replacement.

  • James

    Where as the crimes themselves are silly, its the growing relationship between the two main characters which is the main draw of this production. Without this the programme just wont be the same. I can see the ratings dropping dramatically with no 4th series !!!!

  • Jo

    We are so disappointed that Ben Miller is leaving – he is marvellous! The frisson between Richard and Camille is one of the main attractions of the show. Why change a winning combination. We will trial the show with the new DI, but cannot see how it can possibly work as well.

  • Lorraine Hardcastle

    I was devastated to hear Ben Miller is leaving DiP I have DVDS 1 and 2 and watch them every evening and I adore all the actors, please stay Mr Miller you have no idea of the impact you have made on your followers we love DI Richard Poole

  • Anne Carter

    Really sorry to learn that Ben Miller is leaving the show. Richard Poole is so out of his element in the Caribbean and that’s exactly what makes the show so brilliant. The relationship with Camille and the others just lights up the TV screen. This has been one of my favorite shows but I doubt that I’ll watch Season 3; the chemistry is gone. Too bad ~

  • Island lover

    Let’s give the show a chance……and if it doesn’t work Harry eats the new guy

  • Josephine C.

    It won’t be the same without Ben Miller. Don’t think I will look forward to Season 3. Why did he have to leave?. I won’t have nothing to look forward to every Saturday.

    So sad. I just have to keep watching the past two seasons over and over again.

  • Josephine C.

    It won’t be the same without Ben Miller. Don’t think I will look forward to Season 3. Why did he have to leave?. I won’t have nothing to look forward to every Saturday.

    So sad. I just have to keep watching the past two seasons over and over again.

  • John

    Wow nothing is sacred anymore, we have only just watched the last ep of series #1 in Australia, and now we find one of the stars is leaving during series #3!

  • Bart Versieck

    Well, John: indeed so, plus over here in Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, we also have yet to watch the second series.

  • Paul

    DIP won’t be the same. I was looking forward to two more seasons as the two main characters gradually got together. Disappointed. Perhaps they can jet off into the sunset together.

  • Holly

    I was hoping Camille and DI Poole would at least kiss in the 3rd series. Now that’s highly unlikely. Blast I hate it that Ben Miller is leaving the show. We watched the final of series 2 tonight here in Australia. They are so great together those two. Great chemistry. Marshall better be really really fantastic in the episode he replaces Miller otherwise I won’t be watching anymore. Highly doubt I will anyway.

  • Graeme

    Yes, Ben Miller has been brilliant, and of course the show will not be the same, gone will be the lovable English eccentricities that make DI Poole a great character, and the chemistry between him and Camille will be gone, but the rest of the cast is superb, the setting wonderful, let’s not write it off till we see what it’s like.

  • Lenore

    I am so sorry to learn Ben Miller is leaving. Here in U.S. still working on the second season, it is now my favorite show. Oh for the days when shows actually continued for a few years with all the main characters intact!

  • Leslie

    Ben Miller and his character as DI Poole and his relationship with his staff and Harry, are the whole theme of the show, the rest is scenery. Why do producers have to substitute cast members when the chemistry was working and the show is successful. The show is different, funny and totally absorbing, why change the formulae? Unless Ben wants to leave the show for other reasons please leave his character alone.

  • William

    Sad to see Ben leave. I have enjoyed the chemistry between Richard and Camille. I don’t expect the same as with Ben’s replacement. Rather, I do wich that Ben would change his mind, if not, at least do guest appearances.

  • colleen

    What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please reconsider Ben and let Richard decide London does not compare and return to make more series. LIke everyone else, I agree it is the budding romance between the stick in mud detective and the other cast members………………especially Camille!

  • gail

    Typical, just when one finds an enjoyable show and totally loves Richard, as usual it
    finishes. Not happy Jan.

  • John Lennacs

    Well done Ben as you can see from all these comments you will be missed big time.

    As with John Nettles leaving Midsommer there was no suitable replacement and the magic had gone but both John and you will be fondly rememberd

  • Barney

    Agree that the budding relationship between the dour, awkward Richard and the beautiful, graceful Camille was the real–and I’m afraid irreplaceable–center of the show: the magic. Bring him back!!!

  • andy

    well ben is leaving that means its the end of the program

  • Cal

    He is what makes the show. So disappointed just won’t be the same.

  • pcydchick

    The show’s whole tone is based on Poole being “a stranger in a strange land.” His departure will have to ultimately affect the series. I do not know Miller’s replacement, but the intriguing connect-disconnect between Camille and Poole is one of the most compelling elements of the story lines and I fear the delicious qualities, the uniqueness of the series will suffer at Miller’s departure.

  • Sam Ahterton

    I was appalled by the person likening Miller being replaced by Kris to Tennant being replaced by Smith Doctor Who.

    Ahem, if anything they should have compared it to Eccleston leaving to Tennant, as he really was truly an exemplary Doctor.

    All that aside, it really will be a tragedy, although as sad as it is, I’m willing to give Kris a stab at the series. I just kind of wish that Bill Nighy had scored the role – he can play anything and this would be right up his alley – he could maintain all that ‘British’ dynamic while having a flair of his own.

  • Andrea Macleod

    I was very sad to hear that Ben will be leaving the show. I hope they leave a window open so that he could return to take up with Camille, although Kris will probably be a better match for her. I will give him a chance & long may the show continue, it’s my little ray of sunshine in the winter months

  • Josephine C

    Although I am deeply sad of Ben Miller’s departure from DIP, I wish him well. Hoping he will turn up on one of the episodes of Season 3. I will miss him. I have enjoyed watching him from the start of first episode of Season one. Good luck Ben.

  • Jon White

    This programme has been an absolute joy! The Richard Poole character, played so brilliantly by Ben Miller, will be a great loss. However, Kris Marshall is an excellent actor and I can see him doing a great job as the new DI.

    So, let’s wait and see.

  • DebbieB

    Has no one else seen the interview that Ben Miller gave during the filming of the second series? The series has not dropped him, changed a winning formula or anything else of the like. What the series producers have done is try to pick up the pieces after the devastating news that Ben would not continue with the character beyond a second series.
    The poor man cannot cope with the heat during filming. The strange quirks that make the character so endearing- his insistence on wearing a wool suit, shirt and tie – mean that
    filming has been a nightmare. When the second series was commissioned, the wardrobe department had to work really hard to try and make life a little easier – many of the shirts do not have backs in them, sleeves are removed when he wears a jacket, hot water bottles filled with COLD water are slung under jackets……
    Instead of bemoaning the departure of DI Poole in season three, we should be thanking Ben Miller for agreeing to do the second series when he knew how difficult he was going to find it.

  • Lola 123

    Wont be the same Ben was great really wish he wasn’t leaving. The shows views will drop loads once bens left. I will watch the show but it won’t be as good the old actors worked really well together

  • Richard

    I will miss Ben too, but this can work if done right. I don’t think it would work if he just left to go back to the UK – it would leave too much of a hole and Camille would essentially be blocked character development wise – or her character would have to radically change. If he left with Camille, then that’s almost half the cast and the whole dynamic gone. The only way I can see this happening is if Ben is killed and the new DI investigates – this can then explore Camille and the others’ feeling/emotion and allow for a progression of attraction between the new DI and Camille. It will be different, but may be still good.

  • David Martin

    Oh dear, I guess the TV companies never learn, unfortunately they just have no idea what the viewing public like, they feel they can just drop out the main character in a series, replace him / her with someone else and the viewers will be too dumb to notice after a couple of weeks. let me make a prediction, remember a few years back a great series “Wild at Heart”, right up to the moment they killed off Amanda Holden, series went down hill like the downhill section of a roller coaster on re-heat after that. now sit back and watch the same thing happen to DiP. I got on to the internet and put in Di 3rd series to pre order it on DVD, found this news, will save my money now. very sad.

  • Rob

    The relationship between the characters DI Poole & Camille has always been integral to the success of the show, agreed, but Robert Thorogood is a very clever, funny guy and he will not want to lose that element of DIP, so will no doubt conjure some magic for Kris and we’ll all be happy again. Kris is funny, quirky & likeable. Everyone will enjoy watching him. You can’t blame Ben Miller for wanting to leave the show, it’s not the producers making this decision, it was Ben Miller. 6 months solid filming away from his new girlfriend and new baby, unbearable heat having to wear a suit all day long in 35°+ etc, life’s too short to miss out on things like family when they’re young. He is Ben Miller, not DI Richard Poole after all. I spoke to a friend who was asked to audition for the new DI role and he declined the offer for the same reasons Ben has given. Give Kris time, forgive Ben, long live DIP.

  • Janelle

    I love this show. So quirky and the Agatha Christie-esque endings are wonderful. Hope it goes on, and on, and on ….

  • Kevin

    Surely if heat was an issue they could have just had him give in and wear tropics outfits rather then his English suits.
    Like Chris but am sure will not be the same. Is it to late to keep Ben?

  • Kathy

    I love this show but do understand and respect Ben Miller’s reasons for leaving. I wish Kris Marshall all the very best as the new Detective, he is a very good actor and I , for one, will continue to watch DIP.

  • Boris The Pudding

    What a disappointment. Replacing Ben Miller with one the most irritating, untalented actors ever is a disaster and renders Death in Paradise unwatchable.

  • Roy Barnett

    Thank you Ben Miller for providing us with so much enjoyment in the role of D.I.Poole. I can appreciate how difficult it must have been for you to play the role in suit and tie (and briefcase!); I find it bad enough wearing that lot in the UK!

    I’m sure that Kris Marshall will bring his own excellent brand of humour to bear on his role and that the story writing, and the creation of such likeable characters, which have been so well done in the first two series will continue. It will be interesting to see how the series develops with the exit of D.I.Poole and the introduction of the new character. I have always felt that any realistic relationship between the Doc-Martin-like Poole and the gorgeous Camille would prove a challenge to create and equally difficult to make it believable.

    I wish Series Three all the best for the future and look forward with genuine interest to see how Robert Thorogood negotiates the changing of the guard withour alienating all his many loyal viewers.

  • JUne Rafferty

    JUst watched a repeat of DIP with Ben Miller no way will it be the same without him think viewing figures will drop I for one will not want to watch it anymore as Kris in My Famoly used to reslly annoy me never got into that programme why change a good format

  • sharron hall

    Even though I really love Ben in the role I will give the third series a chance because it is not just the relationship between Ben and Camile that is engaging. The other actors are equally interesting and watching how they will cope with yet another white policeman who once again comes in above them especially Camile who is gifted enough to play the lead herself. Remember Ben maybe a good actor but he also has to have good lines and direction for it to work. That will remain even with Ben gone. Can’t wait for series 3

  • Betty west

    I have enjoyed watching DIP so much and will miss Ben Miller. He is so great with Camille and the guys. I love the scenery and the stories are great. I will continue to each as long as it is on. Best wishes to Ben, we will miss you.

  • Jonas

    Bye bye Ben. Bye bye paradise. Already wondering what to watch instead.

  • Puka

    We will miss Ben Miller very much, I am devestated about this news but I’ll give the new guy and new series a shot, see what it’s like cause at least the other actors are not leaving too. But I don’t understand cause you can’t take one of the main characters out of a film so if he had a problem with the heat in the scenes they should have done something about it instead of him having to quit and then get a new guy to replace him for the show. It’s also ashame because himself and Camile are great actors together and if they’re not together in the show I think the whole show will be lost so it won’t be the real ‘death in paradise’. Hopefully it’ll be ok otherwise ‘death in paradise’ would be Boo Hoo unless they get Ben Miller back.

  • Pat

    Loved the show and the character played by Ben Miller. Couldn’t they have had “Richard” start to loose the suit jacket and just wear a shirt and tie. And as for missing his family, bring them to the island while filming the series. Anything to keep him on the show, it won’t be Death in Paradise without him. The cast members are so good together, it’s what made the show work. Wish he would come back to the show.

  • Pat

    Wish Ben wasn’t leaving show. The characters work so well together, you don’t find that with many shows. Why not have “Richard” start to loose the suit jacket and tie. Maybe bring his family on location while filming. This show and all the main actors make the show. It is one of the few shows out there that we really look forward to watching. When ever a show changes the main character it never works. PLEASE BRING BACK BEN.

  • green123

    how could he leave when the series is going out great i’m not saying kris marshall is a bad actor but the story was with richard and camille it wont be the same.

  • su

    I have absolutely loved this show. It’s tragic news that Ben Miller is leaving. What about Harry? What about Camiile ? It has been a delight, and watching Ben Miller doing a program about Tony Hancock recently shows how different he is to Richard, how good an actor he is, you really believe in that uptight character. He was on the same plane as me going to Paris in May. Dying to ask if he was on his way to Guadeloupe to do another series, but too shy. Wish I had, would have begged him to stay. Could they not have him wear old-fashioned English tropical clothes, tailored white shorts etc ? Surely Camile could have nudged him into those? Something, anything, please don’t let him go….

  • CJ

    I am gutted Ben Miller is leaving DiP – When I first watched this programme I thought it would be a load of rubbish, how wrong can you be. It also takes you into a different world watching the daily activities on the island. I am sure Kris will do the programme justice, I hope so as I love to lose myself watching these characters, wishing I was there with them.

  • Humphrey peek

    The whole point of the show is the relation between the two not anything else get him back water it costs bring in the new person as a assistant

  • Tony Rhodes

    Great plots with very clever detection, well done to the scriptwriters. Like everyone else I would have liked to watch the development of the friendship between Richard and Camille, but this was only part of the fun. I shall watch it and trust that the writers overcome the transition with as much skill as the put into the plots themselves. Great series BBC, and thanks

  • Thomas Bach

    A real real real disappointment :(

  • Erik

    Great show even shown in Oz where we watch it. Prepared to give the new guy a chance, if DI Poole is dumb enough to leave the lovely Camille; I wouldn t.

    If he is no good he can be murdered and DI Poole can return to investigate.
    How’s that sound.


  • Michael Standing

    Thoroughly enjoyed episodes I saw on TV so bougth both series. Good British Police show with a difference. Ben Miller great in his roll played the excentic Brit abroad well. Pity he’s leaving the show.Thought all cast members performed well. Hope future series are as entertaining as first two.

  • Ann Munn

    I am really sorry about Ben Miller leaving. Like almost everyone else , the chemistry between Richard and Camille is paramount to the plot. And poor Harry will be left alone again. If it’s the discomfort in filming is why he is leaving, why can’t they adjust the character a bi? Maybe he loosens up a bit and begins going around without the suit jacket. Take it slow and evolve his character as he gets used to the Caribbean. Season 3 just won’t be the same. I will miss you Mr. Miller.

  • Ron

    Bummer. I will give it a chance, but the magic will be gone. Ben Miller, you will be missed more than you know. My best to you and if you reconsider you will make all of the viewers extremely happy.

  • Alex

    Just wan’t to add my voice to the disappointment that DIP is loosing its main character actor Ben Miller.
    Wednesday nights here in Boston USA will just not be the same.
    My hour of escapism for the week is gone…


  • yvonne crean

    Oh, what a shame – loved the show here in Australia – everytime UK has great shows – another example New Tricks – the cast changes – will really miss Ben Miller, his romance and lizard – Good luck Ben, warm regards, Australia

  • Shirley Kiondic

    From Tampa, Florida, USA.
    What in the world are you thinking? We love the budding romance between Camile and Ben Miller. This is 50% of the attraction to the series. The ballance of the appeal is the story line and location. We in our family, here in Florida, are profoundly dissappointed and may not be interested any more in the program. How unfortunate.

  • Colin.

    So sad that D I Poole no more…will be hard to watch the next series..

    1 of the NZ fans….

  • Ron

    Sadly Death in Paradise will go the way of Monarch of the Glen and Ballykissangel and many others. Would have made more sense to finish it. But it was a show worth watching

  • Colin

    Sorry to see Ben go, won’t be the same. Nevertheless they can all leave as long as the lovely Sara stays . . .

  • Jess

    The series is great with Ben miller to be replaced by someone who cannot act is a death sentence for the other actors. A great show with the entire casts you have no gone with Ben leaving, I properly want watch it.

  • Ozzie

    Darn, darn and more darn. Really love the show. The main character DCI Poole is brilliant but I do like the other castes especially Dwayne Myers. I think if Poole had stayed the relationship between him and Camille would have had to move quickly and he would have had to loosen up too much and I think that would have spoiled the whole dynamics. So I shall see what Kris brings to the table.

  • John Hanlon

    I would agree with most of the people out there this show is perfect the way it is why change . the changing of an actor always spoils the show. We are just starting the repeats of the show on ABC1 until series 3 is released and I am watching most of them again…Great show the way it is ….STAY BEN.. Regards John

  • Teresa

    What a huge disappointment. DIP will never be the same. I won’t be watching if Ben Miller isn’t in it.

  • Charles Baldacchino

    Well done to Ben Miller, (DI Richard Poole) who has played in series 1 and 2. How I loved this series, and enjoyed every minute of every show. Thanks to the BBC for this good series he gave us.
    Charles Baldacchino from Malta.

  • James

    Ben should have stuck around for season 3, it’s unlikely that the dysfunctional sexual tension plot could have been sustained forever, so a marriage would have satisfied viewers as an appropriate ending for season 3. Ben Miller could then have gone on with his career and perhaps agreed to two episode specials for Christmas release. Unfortunately producers just cannot resist success, something borrowed from the USA.

  • beverley charlie

    I am very upset that Ben Miller is leaving the serious and I do not understand why you are replacing him. I have looking forward to the third series but I do not feel that anyone can play part as well so I, and several of my friends and big fans of the show will no longer be watching it.

    Beverley Charlie

  • Paul Hemingway

    So why did Ben leave? Didn’t want to get type cast or was it some idiot producer who couldn’t see the potential of Poole. Maybe he would have married and gone back to Uk, where we are in need of a NEW slightly unconventional tec. What a mistake to make. I shall still watch DIP but with regret that such an interesting character has been killed off with no possibility of return. Shame.

  • bob

    DIP not the same anymore. Watched last night and whilst I like Kris Marshall the chemistry with Camille will never be there and this made the show as. Death knell for the show I think but I do hope I’m wrong. Will only watch it now for the lovely Sarah Martins,

  • Craig Laffin

    Horrified! Just read for first time that Ben Miller has left DIP. The show is stunning and to take out the main character defies logic. The tension between Richard and Camille gives DIP the ‘edge’. Why change a successful formula. Seems nonsense. Will watch Series 3 but have few hopes of it achieving the same success. Oh well.. another fantastic program gone.

  • linda

    Not the same without Ben.

  • Andrew

    What?? Why are you critics dissing Kris Marshall before the show has even aired?? Ben Miller is brill, accepted but so is Kris Marshall! Having seen the first 2 episodes, he too has been typically Englishman abroad. Well done to ALL the cast, you are all fab!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marilyn

    Why do so many people dismiss a new actor taking over a role. Yes Ben was great but Kris is doing a great job. Really enjoying this series and hope there’s another in the pipeline

  • Gail Langston

    In TV’s vast wasteland ‘Death in Paradise’ was a total winner – Now Ben is leaving, it’s not even on tonight-Saturday 3/1/14 here in Central Florida – Please Please please come back Inspector Poole – it won’t be the same without you-

  • e.a.greenhalgh

    my wife and I loved DI Richard and his friends .WE looked forward to the series.Now that BBC has killed him, and we saw the episode , we will NEVER watch the new series .This is not unlike killing off Poirot or Sherlock and replacing him with someone else.The character was UNIQUE ,Sorry that you /BBC ruined a fabulous series .

  • Karina

    Please just be that this new guy is good. So upset that Ben Miller left. I wish it was a better way of leaving the show. I wish he would have just gone back to England. I was looking forward to the new series but when i watch it all i think about is Richard and it makes me upset. But if Ben wanted to leave the show the way he did that is fine. Just very upset.

  • Em

    I just watched DIP get killed!! I am totally DEVASTATED! They brushed him off like just another dead character. How upsetting. I can’t believe the writers just killed him off like that!! He was the main character!! I felt there was no respect. I wish they’d just written him off that his tenure had been completed and he’d have to go back to England. Perhaps it could’ve ended with a tender moment between DIP and Camille.

    Kris Marshall is an okay actor, but I watched because I love how Ben Miller portrayed the stuffy, uptight englishman stuck in an island paradise, and the chemistry between DIP and Camille.


    I watch this show avidly in Australia. I have Series 1 and 2 on DVD. We are only just starting to see Series 3 and I managed to miss Episode 1 where Richard leaves the series. I am hugely disappointed at his leaving, as he, and his relationship with Camille, are a unique combination. Will give it a go but am very doubtful that the show can maintain its momentum without Ben Miller. Absolutely loved him and his quirkiness. I heard he put family commitments as his reason for departing. Understand this decision but still very sad.

  • Stephanie

    I, too, am devastated by the loss of Richard Poole, and his gruesome, disrespectful killing-off. If the wonderful Ben Miller had to leave the show — for a while — there are any one of a number of reasons he’d have had to return to London. Poole may have been eccentric and stuffy, but he was also a very decent human being — which is why we loved him — and he deserved better. He also deserves more of a showing of loss from his colleagues/friends. The show needn’t dwell on it, but a complete lack of protracted sadness is unrealistic, and I can’t believe the beautiful and deep Camille would be over him so easily. If Kris Marshall can miss his wife, Camille can miss Richard.

    I also agree that the tension between Camille and Richard made the show — all else was scenery. That delicious chemistry is now gone, and that’s the true Death in Paradise. Still wishing Camille will wake up and find it all a bad dream.

    Mondays in Connecticut will not be the same….

  • A. I. Williams

    As a strong supporter of Public Television, I commend this program for making such a great change. I liked Ben Miller, but found him a bit stuffy. I like Kris and find him charming. Harry seems to like him too. Camille is beginning to respect this new detective and his crime solving ability. Looking forward to many more seasons.

  • Schinkel

    I liked Ben Miller but now I do like Kris Marshall better. When does the new serie start? Hopefully this summer?

  • Walter Neff

    Watched one episode with the new guy,not knowing Miller was replaced. Sorry, the show is toast. The new guy is annoying and odd looking and has no chemistry with Sara Martins. That’s what made the show work in the first place. Miller gone, no more show.

  • Pat

    Now that we have had a chance to watch Ben Miller’s replacement in Death In Paradise, the speculation is over. The delightful story about the endearing English DI Poole who can’t seem to grasp that he is living in paradise and his almost magical interaction with Camile and the other characters is finished. The story was really about Richard Poole, and Miller played him perfectly. Kris Marshall is a disaster, and the story is now flat. The show that always left me smiling and feeling good now leaves me wondering why I even bothered to watch it.
    This has left me once again thinking about the difference between the BBC productions and American TV productions… of the major ones being that the BBC actors do not commit to long term contracts. So the viewers get sucked into the great stories only to see them fall flat when major characters leave. The shows never retain their original interest, much less get better. Remember when Downton Abbey was the most watched show? I am beginning to long again for American TV shows like Dallas. We talked about Who Shot J.R. for a year. The BBC has a long way to go to match that kind of excitement and loyality.

  • Joan

    I love Kris Marshall in this roll. It gives the show a fresh new look. He has a great smile. I sure would love to have a listing of when he will be on again. We have only seen 2 segments and want more…..