BBC Three Renews ‘Bluestone 42′ For Season 2

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BBC Three has renewed its military dramedy series Bluestone 42 for a second season, set to air in 2014. The renewal comes as the series is pulling in big ratings for BBC Three, averaging nearly 2 million viewers per episode across various platforms. Six episodes have been ordered for the show’s second season.

Created by James Cary and Richard Hurst, Bluestone 42 follows a British bomb disposal detachment serving in Afghanistan and features a group of soldiers who really enjoy being soldiers. The series was carefully researched and informed by serving and former members of the armed forces and military experts. Bluestone 42 is produced by BBC In-House Comedy Productions and stars Oliver Chris (Green Wing), Kelly Adams (Hustle), Gary Carr (Death In Paradise), Katie Lyons (Boy A), Stephen Wight (The Paradise), Jamie Quinn (Taggart), Scott Hoatson (Case Histories), Tony Gardner (Fresh Meat) and Keeno Lee Hector (Beaver Falls).

“I’m incredibly proud of this bold, brave and hugely funny comedy drama series which has been enjoying big audiences on BBC Three” said BBC Three Controller Zai Bennett. “The cast, crew and writers have played an absolute blinder in this important series which completes and complements BBC Three’s already extensive coverage of the war in Afghanistan.”

While Mark Freeland, Head of BBC In-house Comedy, added: “In-house Comedy is at its best when we try extraordinary and slightly scary things. I believe Bluestone 42 is both. We tried to excite audiences, as well as respect the subject matter and those in conflict. The team cannot wait to pick up this challenge again.“

  • Robin

    only 6 ?!?.. great show..order 20 episodes.

  • George

    Such a shame theres only 8 episodes in the first series I loved watching all of them with my borther who has recently got back from a tour in afgan

  • Russ Feakins

    Has to be 10 episodes – they have a real winner on their hands

  • Patrick Jones

    Excellent TV show, great cast and brilliant dialogue….. Please commission more series. Great to see the BBC can still produce shows of this calibre and quality.

  • nessybear

    Brilliant show …. why only 6 new ones?????? Cannot wait for the new series … casting is spot on … well done BBC 3 ….

  • Bob

    2014?! Can’t wait that long!

  • Allanj

    Why 2014?
    Please BBC order this great little gem in batches of 13 and for at least 3 more series

  • kyle

    please keep bringing them out let the show go on bluestone 42 is cool so order more everyday

  • bluestone42fan

    6 episodes is a waste. If this show were in America we would be getting at least 20 but Britain does not know anything about TV so we get stuck with 6…sad sad world.

  • Wayne ryner

    The USA really enjoys Bluestone 42

  • steven

    great show! need more episodes they are all such talented actors!

  • Steve Belshaw

    Great show – one of the few shows that makes ma laugh out loud. But only SIX eps?

  • Richard Bird

    Watched each episode 5 times ans still laughing! Excellent.

  • dan cuthbert

    epic show bring back blue stone 42 asap

  • Wayne Sheridan

    Brilliant comedy…. great series, great cast, great acting, great scripts….. Really, it is quite hilarious. 2 million viewers is a reflection of the people that have watched it and have recommended others do…. with a bit more advertising….. etc … this will pull in quite a lot more. I always catch it on iplayer when travelling as never have the chance to watch TV…. thankfully someone recommended me to it. cannot wait for season 2!

  • Paul Brocki

    Well I can’t believe that they have not commissioned more… But they did this with a lot of series that went on to run for years I.E dad’s army.. Treat them mean keep them keen.

  • Jackie

    Absolutely brilliant series – glad to hear there’s going to be another series next year.

  • Chris Green

    @bluestone42fan “6 episodes is a waste. If this show were in America we would be getting at least 20 but Britain does not know anything about TV so we get stuck with 6…sad sad world.”

    Ever heard the phrase ‘Leave ‘em wanting more’?

    I’d say that we know enough in the UK not to keep milking a series for a full season upon season like in the USA. I’ve already lost any interest in Homeland for this very reason – I’m surprised I stuck with Breaking Bad till the bitter end. Anyway, they can’t milk it too far – we’re supposedly pulling out of Afghanistan!

    It’ll be 7 new episodes if you count the Christmas special.

  • Justin Palmer

    Great series, a true classic in the making, of course we beg for more with such a talented production team and very M.A.S.H 2013 like in its dark comic humour. Every person returning from theatre recognises someone in the series. But you can have quantity or quality, rarely both. A1 BBC, keep it up.

  • Dave Taylor

    Great series – brings back some FAB memories – keep it rolling on PLEASE?

  • ????????

    I love this program wish there were more episodes!!

  • ????????

    Can’t wit till the Christmas special!!!!

  • Heather

    This comedy is about as perfect as it gets. Excellent cast, a great mix of characters, and a wonderfully written script. I epecially love Bird’s character. She gets the best lines – but they are all so good. Please keep this going. It’s a really outstanding gem.

  • dave wotherspoon

    The dry humour and non pc you can only witness in the British Army ( unless you’re name is Frankie Boyle!! ) brought to the screen. Having been a serving soldier i can relate so much to the every day goings on that it feels nostalgic. Bring on series 2 please!!! So many of my colleagues are ex forces and love this every day take on liife in an operational theatre.

  • BobbyMcC88

    I don’t think they should do what the Americas do with 20 episodes but they should definitely do more than 6 for a year. I don’t watch a lot of TV but in on format or another I always watch bluestone 42. So I would love to see more out of year

  • saneben

    Brilliant series and can’t wait for the 2nd series. I never had a clue of what it could potentially be like for those serving abroad in the Army and despite the comedy aspect of the show which relates to the camaraderie between them it, it does provides you a bit of an insight to some of the dangers soldiers face and the conditions they live in, although I suspect it may be a lot worse in real life. Gives you a Newfoundland respect for soldiers! I’ve watched the first series at least 3 times over on You Tube and it still makes me laugh. Can’t believe they only made 6 new episodes though. I thought it might have at least been 8 or 12. But I think it is correct to overdo it, like they do in USA in order to string it out. As the commander says…..”what’s the first rule….always leave them wanting more” xx

  • carl roughley

    Without doubt one of the best and funniest things the BBC has produced in years. This should be running for 13 weeks per series. Just watched the hilarious Christmas Special. Brilliant team and word full script. Off I f@&k!!

  • stef

    Awesome series, I spent 6 years serving in the army and I can relate to each character. They are all bang on. Can’t wait for series 2

  • paul booth

    hope its not to long in 2014

  • stell

    I think scrap Eastenders 4 nights a week and invest into Bluestone 42 … What a show, they have totally nailed the typical squady banter and officer personalities. 5* from me.

  • Allyson

    Brill series. Its on in 1 week and I can’t wait. 8 episodes. Been praying they’d do another series. My daughter loves it 2. She’s only 18. She thinks its fab. WELL DONE BBC3

  • Venta

    I absolutely LOVED this series; best thing the BBC has done in years. I’m with Stell – it should be available at least 4 nights a week instead of some of the dross that seemingly airs almost relentlessly at the moment!

  • Wayne mckie

    When is it coming out I love this show

  • Gaz

    Absolutely love bluestone 42 . Best I’ve seen for ages pitty it’s only half hour episodes and only once a week. Can’t wait for next series, when does it come out.