Sky1’s ‘Sinbad’ Cancelled After One Season

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Sky1 has cancelled fantasy series Sinbad after airing only one season of the series, TVWise has confirmed.

The news, which was first reported by Cultbox, comes as Syfy is preparing to launch the series in the United States. Sources tell TVWise that Impossibe Pictures had been hopeful of landing a second season order for Sinbad, especially since international distributor BBC Worldwide has sold the series to numerous international broadcasters. I’m told that Impossible Pictures had set a team of writers to come up with ideas for a potential second season and that those were pitched to Sky, however, executives at the channel felt that the series had run its course.

Sinbad followed the adventures of the eponymous character, who is on the run from his home town of Basra and under a curse for a killing that led to the death of his much-loved brother. Sinbad finds himself cast out to sea on The Providence, a ship filled with a range of intriguing characters. After surviving a violent and magical storm, both Sinbad and his fellow shipmates are forced to band together to face their inner demons, hopes, loves and fears. Sinbad must embark on an epic and emotional quest to rid himself of the curse and embrace his destiny. The drama series stars newcomer Elliot Knight, Naveen Andrews (Lost), Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda), Timothy Spall (Secrets and Lies, Harry Potter), Dame Janet Suzman, Elliot Cowan (Marchlands), Marama Corlett (The Devil’s Double), Estella Daniels (Thorne), Junix Inocian (The 51st State) and Dimitri Leonidas (Grange Hill).

In a statement confirming that Sinbad would not be returning, Sky1 said: “As a broad, family entertainment channel, Sinbad was the perfect drama to showcase Sky1’s ambitions for long-running, blockbuster series. We were thrilled with the cast and the production team at Impossible, however, we feel that Sinbad’s story has now been told.”

TVWise’s UK TV Scorecard has been updated with this new information.

  • Susan Middleton

    I said that once about a series. How can they make a show about Killing Vampires last more then 1 season?
    7 seasons later, a successful spinoff show, and it has to be acknowledged the inspiration for many successful long running series, I discovered how shortsighted I actully was.
    You are making the same mistake!

  • chadwick star

    Oh dear god, i was really looking forward to watching series two! i cant see how they can just end a show like this- when there so many stories in one! i know so many people who wanted to watch this as well!
    They cant just stop it at series one that’s not even giving the show a chance!

  • noname

    ran it’s course? with the ending they gave to us last season, and with syfy wanting to pick it up? with sounds fishy, such a good show, such a shame!

  • kt88

    Just premiered in the US episode 1 and I’m interested in watching the rest of the season. If this is the story of Sinbad’s beginning then there are numerous stories to be told leading into his future. At least let it run for another season before scrapping it.

  • Andy

    WHATTTTT…….. How can they cancel such a good family show .. So OK it wasn’t the best show ever but it was nice to sit down and get lost in a bit of fantasy..
    Yet another show that goes under without knowing the ending …. They need to bring in some kind of law against this and fine these companies that do it . Take prison break as a great example

  • Jane Quigley

    Run its course???? where is your imagination? why cant we see the voyages of Sinbad and open new stories we were looking forward to it!! so much scope here and it was something for the youth generation!! come on guys…..really!!

  • sam camel

    Sinbad needs to come back I don’t know who is in charge in Hollywood but make it happen

  • Will Coleman

    They can’t do that!! At the end of series one they left giving hints to a second series and a lot of people liked the show and I may who were looking forward to a next series. Sky need to change their mind and get a grip on what people want. “Ran it’s course”. “Told his story”. What are they on about.
    An absolute disappointment.

  • Damon Brown

    I thought it was only network television that shafted its viewers. I am so disgusted.

  • April

    I am soo mad that this show is not continuing for another season. in my opinion Sinbad hasn’t really finished telling his because at the end of season 1 it left off as a cliffhanger, telling the viewers that it will be a season 2. Also Elliot Knight is soooo sexy and it is a shame that i am not going to be able to watch him on t.v. again playing as Sinbad=(

  • Susan Hamer

    Do you know what a BUFFOON is?????? There seems to be a bunch of those making decsions to cancel a really good show like this. DIP!!!!!

  • niki

    my family really enjoyed the show. such a shame!!! If you guys really want to change it use if it gets enough support, they will listen. i just want to at least see the rest of the season!!

  • MisterE

    if you know anything about Sinbad, then you should know that his story isnt done being told. His character in all the other Sinbad movies and other movies hes’s apart of, has always had endless story’s about his voyages that others thought he was full of it, and would tell story after story. So how can his story all be told?

  • Gareth

    I can’t describe how annoyed I am about this! Season 1 was great, I find it completely rediculous how all the really good shows get cancelled and all the meaningless, crap, uninteresting and most of all unwatchable shows get aired and carried on why suggest a season 2 only to back out last minute… If its a success 1st time around why wouldn’t you carry it on? Just stupid. Come on sinbad season 2!

  • Frank DePauw

    I watched every episode, and was eagerly awaiting the next episode, when–WHAM, left in the air without finding out what happens . M*A*S*H, lasted two years longer than the Korean War did, because it was interesting! I find that Sinbad was a great story, with great potential for future episodes. I was glued to my TV on Saturday, and just found out that it was not going to be on the next two weeks. Upon checking why, found out that some big-wig decided to cancel it! Bad move! Hollywood should hang it’s head in shame!
    Back in “the day”, there were “the Seven Voyages of Sinbad”, and I was looking forward to a few more of the new Sinbad, but I guess I’m just going to have to find another channel to watch, one that doesn’t “give up” on a great show after one season! Shame on you!!

  • shar

    I agree that there should be a season 2 of sinbad at least how can they end it with a girl looking at sinbad with black eyes you know there’s a story there it’s misleading and rubbish they should defo bring this back was gutted to find out that was it after one season :-(

  • Lyn

    I was shocked to hear there isn’t going to be a second series there were so many adventures left to show absolutely gutted.

  • So sad about this

    Really sad to see sinbad not returning for second season, me and my younger bro watched every episode and loved it

    and then merlin ended two I thought there wasn’t going to be any mythlike fantasy on

    thankfully the Beeb have created Atlantis by same people as Merlin, so far so good, still would have liked to see more sinbad and more merlin, especially as sinbad ended on cliff hanger

  • Babas

    This is very upsetting to me, I actually thought Sinbad was better then defiance. I really got connected to almost all the characters,.

  • Brett Bowers


    But the little girl they had brought aboard onto their ship was not the little girl but in fact a demon of some kind as we was told, the land of the dead would stop at nothing to reclaim Sinbad,

    although Tiger told us whilst the woman was inside her head she saw no intentions to cause the group harm, and she really did just want to bring her daughter back, so this must be unknowing to even the mother?

    They need to go back into the land of the dead and find Sinbads brother, who will still be there suffering an eternity at the hands of that beast still, trapped inside his own mind, and the woman’s real daughter,

    this is all speculation of course, But i need to watch season 2 to find out what happens with the group,

    the gods got involved with sinbad, because he was on a great quest? well getting the little girls daughter back was not this “great quest” if they have even managed that, it could just be something corrupting the little girls mind even though it is the little girl? so what was it that the gods had intentions for him and his crew to accomplish?

    So many unanswered questions!!

    I’m not happy and want to watch season 2 to find out!

  • Annmarie

    Sky 1 showing re-runs of sinbad season 1 when they should be showing a season 2 come on sky

  • Allicia

    Again sky cancel another good show, why air one episode and not continue with the remaining ones. They did this with teen wolf, biggest joke ever. Think I may cancel my sky subscription, let downs.

  • Mister T

    Have Sky ever heard of the term ‘blue sky thinking’? Obviously not!
    Sinbad is a character that has been talked about for centuries and to axe the show after one series is a bit shortsighted. It’s a shame that in this day and age, so called leaders in the world of entertainment are so narrow minded. I am sure the US will make a go of this and shame Sky into realising they should stop looking into the mouths of gift horses. Long live Sinbad

  • cheryl

    Who ever was the dumb ??? That canceled Sinbad needs to quit an let someone who knows what a real season show is take over at BBC cause I couldn’t believe when I learned it was canceled after first season. Not a good move theres was so much left not answered like what really happened when Sinbad was born