E4 Renews ‘Misfits’ For Season 5

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EXCLUSIVE: My sources are telling me that executives at E4 have renewed their dramedy series Misifts for a fifth season, which is set to air in late 2013. I hear that the size of the order for season five is 8 episodes.

As TVWise previously reported, despite some declines in the ratings, a fifth season renewal for Misfits had been considered likely and production company Clerkenwell Films had already begun staffing the writers room in anticipation of a pick up. As part of that staffing effort, Clerkenwll recruited Mike O’Leary – the writer behind the Misfits: Strung Out web-series as well as the Misfits companion book that was recently published by Hodder & Stoughton – to serve on the show’s writing staff for season 5.

TVWise’s UK TV Scorecard has been updated with this new information.

  • Lisa

    CAN’T WAIT!!!! Looking forward to seeing Joe Gilgun as Rudy again!! Wasn’t too happy with the ending of season 4 though, as I really liked Nadine and didn’t like Alex. I cried my eyes out when Nadine died, and yelled at the TV screen when it revealed that Alex survived. Oh well, it’ll be interesting to see what power he ends up with. Keep up the good work!!! :)

  • http://www.amway.com/sandrawhitley Sandra

    I am excited for the new season and keep up the good work.

  • Chrissy

    This is actually one of my favorite shows. I rarely get hooked on these foreign tv series, but this one deserves so many high fives. It’s so good, it’s sexy.

  • amber

    yeah i just saw a bunch of hateful comments on another review of the new season 4 and all them people are wack British shows replace characters all the time this show is still bad ass the stuff that happens in it is flipping amazing and really its by far the funniest most graphic easy to relate to show i have ever had the pleasure of seeing and i cannot wait for season five.

  • james

    cant wait for season 5,unhappy with season 4,they need to start using their powers more like season 1 and 2.they also need to kill more people to make it exciting.season 1 and 2 were by far the best

  • Sommer Time

    I don’t care if the original characters are gone, I still had a blast with last season! The stories are compelling and the deaths are interesting and sometimes hilarious.

    I love MISFITS!!!

    Come back soon.

  • reece

    they should bring back nathan he was the funniest

  • John

    Can’t wait bring back Kelly lol she was the best

  • Marc McClean

    Cannot wait until the 5th season but seriously get Nathan back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nastya

    Thank for the good work to all members. Thanks for a good script and actors. I hope that will be five or more seasons, thanks!))

  • Lorna

    i cant wait for the new misfits i love rudy the best out of them all he’s so funny and rude i cant wait, they should make a Misfits movie!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon

    I am looking forward to season. Stop knocking season other show like buffy was knocked on season for being bad however it went on to have another 3 seasons which were even better. Give it a chance please

  • whatsittoya

    just bring back nathan and kelly…and i will be a happy camper

  • Steven

    bring back nathan.. The show is still good, but the 2 first sesons was great.. bring it back…

  • Papoose

    Please bring Nathan back,he’s funny…i can’t wait for Season 5

  • John

    Nathan… that’s all I want. Just Nathan and I’ll be happy.

  • Jamie

    Bring back Nathan, Kelly for comedy value

  • Bailey

    They aren’t going to bring back Nathan,he didn’t want to star in it anymore,because he doesn’t want to be remembered as “Nathan”,since everyone loved him in Misfits,if they ever saw him they would call him Nathan cause I’m guessing half of you don’t know his real name without looking it up.

  • Bobby brown


  • leyton

    well i think that nathen should come back he was funny as hell plus i think that rudy and nathen whould be the best comedy ever good work cant wait until season 5 plus if u do start bringing nathen back im pretty shore that more people whpuld watch the show he was the best misfits character yet

  • Danielle

    I cannot wait. I will not read the comments incase of spoilers but I am on series 2 just after future simon and alisha get together. I don’t know what happenes or will happen but yay!!!
    so this and skins. woah yay!!!

  • Teradanius

    In their line of work people have to go their own paths Robert has chosen his path to start somewhere new in his industry or in a new industry I don’t know but he wants to be remembered under his own name and not under his characters Robert Sheehan may one day be a well known name because of his decision and I’m going to respect his choice…

    On to the subject of season 5 I’m looking to see what happens with Finn as on the last episode saved abbey by a telekinetic push I think when he’s protecting someone or determined enough he’s able to use his telekinesis at a higher level I’m hoping to see how powerful he becomes as you remember like Finn there was Simon who started out as the underdog when it came to powers he was very weak and was only able to disappear but then he became the big hero of the program up until he went back in time but what i’m saying is his powers weren’t that significant in this season but when season 5 comes something tells me he going to be quite powerful I mean telekinesis at the right levels is a formidable ability.

  • jom

    excited to see whats season 5 will be… still on season three though (late bloomer), but when i saw the new cast on a peak it made me feel like, huh!? whorthey? if feels like i dont wanna watch the show anymore, but ill give it a chance i already have the full seas 4. but pls give us back the old CAST, NATHAN!!! SIMON!!! KELLY!!! ALISHA!!! CURTIS!!!

  • Dalton Douthwaite

    When is it going to start though I can’t wait any longer

  • LaToya

    Love the show since season 1. Season 4 was definitely lacking in every way. In my opinion Rudy carried the whole season. The characters are so weak. I love the show so I’ll keep watching. The bring back KELLY AND NATHAN. The one time horndog Rudy finds love the kill her….come on people WTF

  • Nick T

    -Swap the word, “Series”, for, “Season”, if it confuses You.
    -I have tried not to put any spoilers in, but there may be slight spoilers anyways.
    -If You liked Misfits, check out the Televised Dirk Gently, which was also created by Howard Overman. (And You can tell.).

    Given how great Series 1 and 2 were, it’s hardly surprising that 3 and 4 weren’t as good.
    Specially when I was expecting more of a Story Arc, with the Un-Named Character who does the drawings.
    He came back to life, in an alternate reality. (Season 3).
    The Episode was aired on Rememberance Sunday as well, which was a nice touch.
    (I’m trying to hint at it, incase Some People have still not seen these Episodes yet.).

    Sadly, Season 4 seemed to be missing Something.
    (All of the Original Cast, springs to mind.).
    So, now that We’re used to the new Characters, and have established their roles…
    (Which We haven’t really, considering that in the first Series, a whole Episode was pivoting around each Character, to establish who They were…)
    … Hopefully, Series 5 will be better, seeing as We don’t need any kind of introduction to Any of the Characters.

    Having said that, I do like the new Probation Worker.
    Whoever He is, He’s a great actor…
    And quite obviously, a very complex Character.

  • Lee

    Can’t wait love misfits bring back Nathan and can’t believe a paroll officers not died in a while too lol

  • Emma

    Love misfits so much, miss it so much, did love the old cast and cried a lot when they all went but hopefully i’ll get attached to the new cast just as much as the old cast, looking forward to series five <3

  • Fran

    O.M.G. I LOVE Misfits!! Series 1 and 2 were defo the best, I thought nobody could replace Nathan….but along came Rudy! He has been a phenomenal replacement for an incredibly strong character, well done casting!!
    New lot are brilliant actors, keep you going and we need to see them develop.
    I am waiting impatiently for series 5, hope there is more using of powers again, keep Rudy, bring back the old lot??
    Missing you….

  • Kayleigh

    Love this show have done from the beginning cannot wait for the next series but yu seriously need to get Nathan back him and rudy will be hillirious together and would make a good storyline for they’re meeting as they’re kinda the same please bring back nathannnnnn

  • Ryan

    They really should bring Nathan back now that quite a lot has changed
    And a bunch of new characters to work with even if its just for one season him and rudy would be unbelievably funny

  • Shannon

    Canada loves the show……waiting for season 5.

  • LeighDee

    I am so glad to hear this, I have been waiting so long for the return of Misfits. I do not understand why there would be low ratings; other than the fact that the original cast members are not all here. My thought is if that be the case bring them all back as well as the new and that way everyone is happy. Never the less I sooooooo love the show and want to thank Hulu for introducing it to me.