E4/Clerkenwell Films Staffing For ‘Misfits’ Season 5, Adds Mike O’Leary To Writing Staff

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EXCLUSIVE: I’ve learned that independent production company Clerkenwell Films has started staffing writers for a potential fifth season of its hit series Misfits. According to my sources, E4 gave the go ahead for the production company to make new hires for season 5, but were keen to stress that the broadcaster had yet to actually commission a fifth season. That said, insiders tell me that they fully expect to see Misfits recommissioned by executives at E4. My sources are also telling me that Clerkenwell has recruited Mike O’Leary to serve on the writing staff for season 5. O’Leary, repped by Curtis Brown, is perhaps a natural choice given his history with the series. He was the writer behind the online series Misfits: Strung Out and wrote the Misfits companion book that was recently published by Hodder & Stoughton.

This is a similar situation to that which was seen earlier this year with the BBC One/Cinemax series Hunted. In that instance both the BBC and Cinemax gave production company Kudos Film & TV the go ahead to begin staffing the writers room for season 2, which led to the hires of Ben Harris and Claire Wilson. However, BBC One ultimately decided to cancel the series, leaving Cinemax to pick up the pieces and plan a continuation in the form of a spin-off.

  • alex

    i reilly love misfits and would love to know if theres going to be a series 5 ??????????????
    will it keep going … thanks

  • Jacqueline

    fuck, honestly i really miss the original gang Curtis,Simon,Nathan,Kelly and Alisha they made the show now since Alisha,Simon and Curtis have been deceased and Kelly being in Africa and Nathan incarcerated, only Rudy makes the show worth watching, and they need to do something about the short series/season’s. (also miss Jamie and Seth) the white rabbit episode was the best out of the whole season.

  • Mathew

    I hope that some old crew will be here. It will be great if some can have ability to grant wishes and some wishes smth wicked and poof, old gang is back, no dead probation officers burried, neither zombie outbreak :D

    they could use powers to buy building and start business, or smth else, not only for doing community service and nothing more…

  • Jess

    omg id love to be in the casting of series 5! even if i was a back ground character ive loved the series since the first episode!! Ive seen every single episode at least 5 times, right now im watching series 3 over again id really love it! but i think im to young? id love some feed back about the castings though?

  • misfits

    I love this show! I miss the original cast, but the new cast is actually good, and you can get used to them fast. I hope there will be a season 5 real soon, because this is an awesome and entertaining show! Then a season 6! Since they only have 8 episodes in a season, they should make at least 10 seasons.

  • Stosh Ferhobin

    Really hope to see a season 5. This show is a great watch, although i really do miss the original crew, mainly nathan (robert sheehan) he was the greatest character on the show, but rudy is doing a great job filling in instead, so why not let the show continue. Its still amazing.

  • josh

    i love misfits soooo much i hope nathan simon and alisha come back

  • Q. Baller

    Wtf I want my season 5 6 7 and 8 this freaking show is awesomely entertaining. And yes it would be great to have the original gang back.

  • Tim Green

    I wish they would bring back the old members and keep josph gillan.

  • Nathan

    really love this show.. ive seen every episode it will be such a letdown if season 5 doesn’t come out… and i would love to see Nathan back again made me keep watching could watch him all day he was funny.. and i wouldn’t mind seeing Simon and Alisha back Iver.. but either way they shouldent stop!!

  • Izzy

    I would really love to see Misfits season 5 but I hope they can shoot it quicker than the past seasons, (one released every November or December) and more episodes. I’m obsessed with the show and I’ve watched each episode at least 6 times, and I’m in love with Joe, omg. But yeah, hope to see season 5 earlier next year! :-)

  • melly

    I’m surprised how attached I’ve gotten to the new cast. I’m usually one for hating shows that switch up the cast but I think they did it way that gave the old characters the right goodbye but still made room for the new ones to gel in.
    Misfits it one of those shows you can’t help but crave to see the next episode and where they end up. Abby is a great addition to the show and I cannot wait to find out her past. There needs to be a new season because we just don’t have great TV shows like this in Canada!

  • Jay

    series 4 has really really bored me. Hope they get better in series 5. I blame it more on the writing than the cast.

  • Eliu

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hurry with series 5 please and i wounder what alex is going to have
    i can’t wait

  • Eliu

    still a lil sad that nate is gone and curtis killed him self but i understood why

  • Terry White

    Misfits is the dogs dangleys ….I really hope they keep it going..I will be genuinely depressed if not they and Nathan together would be interesting. If they old cast aren’t interested their fucking mad but as a big fan I don’t think we should dwell on old cast returning as long as they don’t take rudy out that would def kill it. Can’t wait for season 5!

  • Terry White

    *Rudy and Nathan not they

  • Jenn misfit

    It would be cool if they made it so that someone gets the time travel power and goes back in time to when season 1/2 (both wee best) and then stop alisha from getting cut and then BOOM! Old gang, show can get god again! Or sonthing like that theu need to do somthing i acctualy couldnt beleive when i looked and realised that that season four was over i was like what… Theee was no story or anything it was just like a big filler season then i find that a season five hasnt even beed announced.. WHAT? Please make it good again i LOVE TJIS SHOW!!!

  • Tereza

    RUDY is so much better than Nathan, but i miss Simon.

  • connor

    I really think you should bring Nathan and Simon back into it, i loved it when Nathan called Simon, Barry. But I really miss Nathan and Simon.

  • Stoney

    Keep on making more seasons!!!! This is a great show!!! The cast is great!! Although there needs to be more use of their powers and give them better powers! It seems like there wasn’t much use of any of their powers this last season. I’d also like to see some of the original cast come back, esspecially Nathan, Simon, Seth and Alisha! Didn’t really care for Kelly tho! She’s a skank and sooooo nasty!!! Nathan was hilarious and it seemed like the show was mainly focused around Simon, so why kill him off??? Maybe make him less depressing tho. More like the future Simon. Also, show Alisha’s tits already!!!! She’s got some beautiful boobs!!! And I know I’m not alone on this one!

  • danny

    would love to know if there would be a season 5 and if there is does anyone know if they know when the release date is i love misfits and cant wait for more many thanks

  • scott

    I would love a season 5. I’d like to see Nathan, Simon, and Alicia come back. I also want Seth to return. He was in the first two episodes of season 4 and then he was gone. Wtf. Anyway, bring them all back for season 5, keep Rudy, and bring back Nikki & Curtis somehow!

  • doesn’t matter

    This is such a good show, it would be better if speeded up the episodes though. You should make at least 10 seasons. I really miss Nathan, Kelly and Simon though, it would be incredibly awesome if the’d come back! I’m not a fan of the new cast (exept Rudy who is kind of funny)

  • AJ

    I love this show. I from north American so it all just came to me, but I was hooked by the first episode. I even look up british slang so I could follow better. I REALLY hope there is a season five with some of the remaining original cast. As a fan I need closure.