E4 Cancels Dramedy Series ‘Beaver Falls’

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EXCLUSIVE: So much for summer camp. My sources are telling me that executives at  Channel 4 have opted not to renew E4’s dramedy series Beaver Falls for a third season. Representatives of parent company Channel 4 did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

Created by Iain Hollands, Beaver Falls ran for two seasons (12 episodes) and followed Flynn, A-Rab and Barry; three friends that met at Oxford Brookes University after being thrown together as housemates during their first year. After finishing university the three friends land themselves jobs at Beaver Falls, an elite American summer camp for the ridiculously beautiful teenage offspring of California’s rich and powerful, and that is when the trouble really starts. The series was produced by Company Pictures and starred Samuel Robertson as Flynn, Arsher Ali as A-Rab, John Dagleish as Barry, Kristen Gutoskie as Rachael, Natasha Loring as Kimberley, Jon Cor as Jake, Scarlett Alice Johnson as PJ, Emer Kenny as Hope and Tom Austen as Mac.

TVWise’s UK TV Scorecard has been updated with this new information.

  • Alex


  • http://thatcebuanokid.blogspot.com/ Flynn

    Nooooo! I just started watching the first series on DVD—that I got from my mate in Leeds. Sad to read that the shows cancelled.

  • Holly

    I am sooooo sad I love beaver falls and I am going to cry myself to sleep at night with this news

  • amanda

    Cannot believe they not making anoher beaver falls me and my hubbie loved them so much :-(

  • Abbie

    Its sooo sad how can they cancel it :,( OMG flynn is soooooooooooo hot :D

  • greg

    I dont understand why channel 4 are cancelling it… every comment i have read on this and on other forums and youtube videos show that the programme is loved by many. I would like to know the reason(s) for cancelling the show.

  • lucy

    wtf!!!!! this show was epic, how could they cancel it!!!!!

  • rich

    Cant believe this has been cancelled!!! Next best show to inbetweeners! Please change your minds channel 4!!!

  • Sarah

    Nooooooooooo! We will never find out what happens to Flynn! The show is amazing so I don’t understand why they have stopped it :(

  • rob

    why would they cancel it its the best program on tv im upset they would do it why why why

  • Jordan


  • Tom

    Noooooooo!!! Watt happens to Flynn and pj?! War happens to Rachael and Arab!? War happens to Barry and Kimberly!? This show made me spend a summer at a camp in America! Fuck u channel 4 this is bullshit!!!

  • Layton

    Why would they cancel it!?

  • Maddie W

    Why are they even cancelling?

  • Andrew Edgley

    Why do they always cancel good shows I love beaver falls #bringitback

  • Anonumous

    Listen to the viewer E4!

  • Hazza

    Why does channel fucking 4 ruin everything beaver falls was quality and on an even more shittier note they ruined misfits and it’s there last fucking series please for the love of god channel 4 get some bollocks and make the shows again because as you can see people absolutely love them (unless you turn them into shit)

  • kiean.shoker

    #bring it back

  • garron

    this is out of order this was probobly one of the best programs they have aired and i think they should bring it back

  • Anonymous

    Don’t cancel beaver falls ,make a third series!

  • Kurtis

    People trust me I got a plan if we can get enough people to go on the channel 4 website and send them an email begging them to put beaver falls back on air they would because I think they cancelled it because they thought not many people liked it so just go on there website and beg them to put it back on air