ITV Cancels ‘Above Suspicion’ & ‘Kidnap And Ransom’

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Exclusive: ITV has cancelled drama series Above Suspicion & Kidnap and Ransom, TVWise has learned.

Above Suspicion, based on the novels by Lynda La Plante, ran for four seasons on ITV, with the most recent (subtitled Silent Scream) having finished its run on January 23rd. The drama series starred Kelly Reilly as Detective Inspector Anna Travis and Ciaran Hinds as Detective Chief Superintendent James Langton as they attempted to solve a high profile murder investigation. In the case of Silent Scream, that case was the murder of film star Amanda Delany. Above Suspicion was produced by La Plante Productions, with Lynda La Plante and Liz Thorburn serving as executive producers.

Kidnap & Ransom finishes its run after airing only two seasons (and six episodes) on ITV. The drama series, which was created by Patrick Harbinson, followed the exploits of international hostage negotiator Dominic King (Trevor Eve). In the show’s second season, Dominic King was in Srinagar, Kashmir negotiating the release of the Mehtas, a British Asian family kidnapped while on holiday visiting their son Mahavir. The drama series was produced by Trevor Eve’s Projector Pictures in association with Talkback Thames, with Trevor Eve, Jonathan Young and Rachel Gesua serving as executive producers.

TVWise’s UK TV Scorecard has been updated with this new information.

  • Dorothy Langman

    ‘Shocked’. .is an understatement. That’s right. ITV ..Cut your own throats…cancelling 2 of the best Drama Series on TV. I really do despair…. You have the magnificent Ciaran Hinds playing Jimmy Langton (superbly) in Above Suspicion and the excellent Trevor Eve (Dominic King) in Kidnap & Ransom. Am I missing something here? I know Above Suspicion had excellent viewing figures and would say that it one of the outstanding dramas on Television today, but sadly not tomorrow. I don’t get this…Lynda La Plante seemed keen to continue, the actors seem a pretty tight outfit and the viewing audience love it. What the hell is going on?
    Please rethink your strategy..if you have one?
    P***** off does n’t even go near!

  • Glenda Freeman

    Let’s see if I’ve got this correct—you have an excellent series that has been on for many years, is very successful, has a great cast, and draws millions of loyal viewers—so you cancel it. Makes sense to me.

  • Sylvie

    It’s very disappointing that’s the least I can say. Ciarán Hinds was very good as James Langton and I thought the ratings were good.

  • Bex

    Absolutely appalling 2 quality dramas cancelled and all itv churn out is crap reality tv programmes with people trying to get famous, cheap so called entertainment, it is no wonder itv can’t compete with the likes of sky for some of there series like Grimm , Alcatraz, to name but 2!! Disgraceful decision. Even channel Bbc4 can do it why can’t itv!!!

  • Julie Scott

    I can not tell you how disappointed I am to hear you are cancelling Above Suspicion and without any good reason. It can’t be because of the three nominations for Viewer’s Choice Awards or the high ratings it gets. Nor can it be because of the amazing cast. Right! I really think you are making a huge mistake. I really hope you reconsider your decision and see what you are doing.

  • Brenda L. Goodspeed


    Why why WHY???????….excellent quality television. Superb acting. Outstanding writing…What are you guys thinking cancelling these cream of the crop programs? Devastated and mortified I am, that these shows are being tossed aside as so much trash. I am sickened. As are many people I know who have looked so forward to watching these 2 programs.
    For shame!!
    PLEASE find some way to save them!!!

  • Ian Bannon

    So I have just watched this excellent series and it had great acting and wondeful story lines, from what I read had excellent figures and yet you cancelled it, are you mad, clearly someone at your network needs to be fired. What are you thinking, clearly your not….

  • SG

    More reality crap getting the nod over excellent shows like these two. I despair at times.

  • stevie clarke

    Yet again another two excellent TV dramas Above Suspicion and Kidnap and Ransom cancelled. Excellent veiwing figures, superb casts, excellent storylines. Who the hell gave the decision to cancel these shows, probably for more celebrity,reallity, cookery, crap. When are these morons who cancelled these shows going to realise most people cant stand reallity crap, why cant we get back to good TV dramas instead. B.B.C television is just as bad in cancelling good TV dramas Waking the dead, Spooks, the body farm etc. Get a life you people who decide what we watch on TV. To say im gutted is an understatement.

  • Rosie

    This is dreadful! There is little enough of quality with a good plot line to look forward to in amongst the sport/reality shows/repeats. Both these series have had our family gripped with superb acting and strong plots and characterisations. Who makes these decisions?????

  • Wilson Chessell

    What the hell?!?!?!

    Kidnap and Ransom is one of the best drama’s out there, going back half a decade, and you cancel it?

    i hope your station crashes and burns with your reality tv rubbish.

  • John S

    Sad to see the demise of Kidnap & Ransom.


    There is a surfeit of cookie cutter/cheap/nasty:



    Instead of devoting some resources to excellent programmes of the ilk of K & R you cancel them and replace them with clones of the aforementioned “filler”.

  • ron

    Kidnap and Ransom – One of the best mini series for some time! I was thrilled there was a second series (just airing now in Australia) and have learned further series have been axed? How many viewers do you need world wide to prove these are worth keeping??
    Come on guys, show some good judgement here!

  • Faye Prior

    Kidnap & Ransom is an excellent series. Why is it a decent show like this is axed for some stupid reality rubbish? The same thing happened to “Zen”.with Rufus Sewell. Are we all supposed to just watch gardening & cooking shows?

  • Judy Auland Australia

    Disappointed is not the word. We in Auatralia only get UK programmes well after they are released in the UK.
    Why on earth would you not complete the series. I have purchased all available so far and have read all the books in the series.
    It’s like leaving part 2 of the Deathly Hallows undone!!! Re think if it’s not too late.

  • Sandra Maggio

    What about skipping one year and then going on with the Langton/Travis story in 2014?
    It is so sad to start a new year without Ciarán Hinds in Above Suspicion.
    I just can’t believe ITV did that.

  • Ana Banana

    NOoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! This is BULLLSHIT! They can’t cancel Above Suspicion! It was such a wonderfully acted show and so addictive. Plus they weren’t finished with the story yet. I’m so upset. Why don’t they cancel those garbage shows like Jersey Shore and leave the good ones with superb acting alone. I look forward to January every year for Above Suspicion. DAMN!

  • Peter Eynon

    This was one of the best dramas on TV, the acting was superb and the chemistry between the main 2 characters was brill. Pleasssssssssse bring it back!

  • Kayleigh Edment

    Absolutely gutted! ….. I love watching Above Suspicion and i cannot believe they have cut it without finishing the storyline! I’m really getting sick of this channel i can’t stand half the programs that are on!

  • Damon Moffatt

    Cannot believe what I have just heard on your itvs This Morning programme that you have failed to recommission anymore of the Lynda La Plante Anna Travis series.The last series had 6 million viewers for crying out loud,do you pay no attention to what viewers want?It certainly isnt SPLASH that they want or more reality TV as Simon Cowells demise in viewing figures showed this year and whoever thought SPLASH was a good idea should have got sacked for obvious reasons.Lynda La Plante is a brilliant writer of books and TV series drama and I hope she ups sticks to a channel that appreciates what there viewers want,please stick with the reality dreamt up ideas ITV as its a sure sign that a TV channel is going to the dogs.It isnt rocket to give your viewers what they want.From Damon Moffatt.

  • Wendy. Yorks

    Just ‘Googled’ to see when a new Above Suspicion was going to be aired and couldn’t believe what I read! As the above viewers have already said, this is an appalling decision, we have too many reality shows on tv and as previously pointed out, who wants to watch Splash?

  • Mavis Soper

    I join the fray. Great series, what do you think you could do to replace this awesome programme?

    And you wonder why we drop cable and flock to Netflix. You should feel ashamed and flog yourselves.

    What are you thinking?

  • Nic

    Totally agree with everybody else . Above suspicion is one of the best crime dramas to be shown and you go and cancel it .? Really think this is the wrong decision, I have read all the books and have just finished backlash would of been great to of watched it though ! Lynda la plante is one of the best authors to date , hope she writes more above suspicion booms I am addicted to them :)

  • Teresa C.

    I have just now finished watching Above Suspicion Series 1, 2, 3 and 4. I am addicted and couldn’t wait to find out when series 5 would air. I did a search on Google only to discover that you have cancelled it!! Clearly you don’t have a clue what viewers actually WANT to watch!! This is a terrible decision. I can’t recall the last time that I was so impressed with the cast, writing and incredible acting of a series. I hope that you reconsider your decision. Ciaran and Kelly along with the rest of the cast were simply amazing! Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you!

  • Jodie Dochney

    I’ve just found these postings and realized that I am not alone. Did BBC ever issue a reason? Does anyone know any gossip that would account for the cancellation of “Above Suspiciion” (sorry, I don’t know “K&R”)? What actually took these programs’ places in the bbc schedule? Thanks, Jodie

  • Jodie Dochney

    Mea culpa, I just realized that I’d put “BBC” by rote; it was, of course, ITV that cancelled the series. Jodie

  • JO

    Unbelievably sad that above suspicion has not been given the go ahead for a 5th series. More reality crap planned i’ll wager. So sad.

  • Laurie

    Cannot believe you cancelled Kidnap and Ransom!!!!!! Why on earth would you do that??? It is an excellent program with depth and intrigue. Please put it back on!!!

  • rach

    what a load of rubbish-just been searching for when the next series is showing as it has vacated the tv for some time-to find it’s not coming on at all! itv is so full of crap theses days that I can hardly be bothered to watch it at all-All the really brilliant gritty programs based on books that millions read all around the world don’t get shown anymore!!
    stuff like waking the dead from bbc1 wire in the blood and these latest two?????
    Above suspicion is one of the best. I had started to get into the kidnap and ransom as well and you axe them???? At least some of the other crime programs actually came to an end before another taking over, these are getting stopped half way through when the characters stories and plots just are not finished!!!
    hugely disappointed. Tv really needs to sort it out right now and have a balance of different types of programming for all

  • mac gordon

    I’ve just discovered the excellent series Above Suspicion. And, have now watched the first three series. While searching for the fourth series, I found that the series had been cancelled.
    Like other people who have commented, I don’t understand why. It was an award winning program, with solid audience numbers, and a stellar cast.
    What does it take to keep a good program on tv these days?

  • LaineG

    I just finished season 4, and excitedly searched for Season five, only to read the above. How disappointing. The program just started to mature, and all do. Darn.

  • Elaine Du

    I am just speechless. Above Suspicion has been one of the best crime shows I have ever seen! It is pathetic and unforgivable to axe such a show while characters and plots are mid-developed! I was absolutely looking forward to more crimes and especially, to see the relationship of Langton and Travis strengthen. All that chemistry and suddenly, we are bombarded with the result of incompleteness. It is just disappointing that we, as viewers have to go through this. Is there any possibility that Above Suspicion could be brought back- a talented cast, millions of viewers, high ratings, what more did you need?! This is bs

  • Jeqal

    Above Suspension had an excellent writing team but the actors were miscast. I’m not sure if they went with an American casting agency but the romance between the Sup and the Inspector was hard to watch. His character was a total douchebag. I mean honestly, she was the daughter of his friend so he probably watched her grow up (can anyone say pedophile) and he is her superior (can anyone say sexual harassment), add to that his jealousy of her University schooling and her fast track career and his obvious you hold your life while I have mine and fit you in when it’s convenient. (AHHHHHH). She is a very pretty woman and what screw up happened in her life that she winds up dating these creeps? At least cast someone with less prettiness to give the rest of us normal women the idea that there could be hope for us. The last bit where he persuades her against a promotion had me screaming at the screen. The scene where they kissed, where he touches her knee, and the other where he almost kisses her had me tossing the kleenex box around the house. What was with the last episode where any detective about to uncover something had him creeping up behind their backs and saying “oh, look at that”. I’m not sure if the actor wanted to look more brilliant or what, but it just came off as creepy boss, and the romance came off as creepy sick pedophile. It’s too bad it was cancelled though because the writing was well done. The actors are very good at acting, but a miscast actor still does not help. The only chemistry I saw at all on screen was in the third season with the guy on the drug squad. If they could have kept him on the drug squad and let her have a romance with him, that would have been a relief from all the weirdness of her dating inappropriately.

  • nealkas

    Agree with Jequal.

    Loved K&R.

    AS always creeped me out with the romance.
    Like J said, too pedo-y for me.

  • Tina

    I have just watched both seasons of Kidnap and Ransom on Netflicks here in the states. I cannot believe there will be no third season… The show is fantastic, season 2 being even better than season 1. Just amazing that ITV has cancelled the show.. Please someone, pick this show up and continue it. So much crap is on TV and they cancel he best. Shame on you… How many viewers does it take to keep a show running?? I would really like to know..

  • Lynn

    I have just finished watching Above Suspicion, all seasons, in 1 day! I absolutely loved all of it! When I finished the last, I went online to see when I could expect to see the next (2013) episodes… As all have stated above, save a couple disparaging remarks, I was SO disappointed and dumbfounded to find no hope!
    I live in the States and watched Above Suspicion on Acorn TV. I would gladly pay the monthly fees just to watch Above Suspicion on it alone.
    It was sloppy, irresponsible and unexplicable the way in which you ended, what was one of your more successful and beloved series. If there is some unexplained reason why this was done in this manner, don’t you think with the obviously more intelligent fan base, we could understand it? Don’t you see by the response, we as such passionate fans, need closure, at the very least?
    Give us 1 more series, in which you wrap all dangling storylines in a tight knot. It’s not what we want, but it’s the least we deserve!
    A fan in a day, a fan forever.

  • Jacqueline Dearle

    So I live in Australia and watch the old series on 13th street – religiously. I even own the DVDs. I absolutely love it! Cairan Hinds will always be Captain Wentworth in Austen’s Persuasion to me, so when I saw him in Above Suspicion originally – and Prime Suspect before it – I was thrille because TV just got a film-grade actor. Kelly Reilly is also a fabulous actress who is mesmerising – she’s smart beautiful and it’s all compelling viewing due to Travis and Langton’s relationship. Why would you cut off your nose ITV?

    What can you say other than pathetic. Or, dimwitted…..or sabotage. Because if I were running ITV I would seriously have to consider keeping someone on who is clearly working for the othe side or has a screw loose!

    And well, If this is what we have to put up with today, imagine what it’s going to be like for our kids as they grow up – will entertainment be watching people on the toilet, putting dustbins out, or possibly picking their nose….probably with bunch of dimwits at the helm.

  • Hana

    Je viens d’apprendre la nouvelle et je trouve pas mes mots pour dire à quel point je suis déçue! A l’heure ou la télévision cherche soit disant à nous divertir avec des programmes dont le contenu est d’une légèreté rare, on arrêt une série qui tiens enfin la route. Quel gâchis! Enfin,au lieu de nous lamenter, nous devrions plutôt nous demander que faut-il faire pour changer cela. Des acteurs tel que Ciaran Hinds on ne voit pas tous les jours. C’est tout à son honneur d’interpréter ce rôle, car ne le valorise pas au premier regard. On le discerne au fur et à mesure. En ce qui me concerne, ce type de séries devrait être une priorité quant aux choix des studios. Après-tout c’est quoi le problème : Kelly Reilly qui joue merveilleusement bien Anna Travis sort de cadre? Elle ne fait pas honneur au monde machiste d’aujourd’hui? Je reste à l’affût des informations pour la suite. Bien à vous!

  • Dr Deborah

    Terrible. What a disappointment. Love the show Above Suspicion. Both hinds and Kelly and rest of cast wee excellent. Good stories. Bring it back PLEASE

  • Gillian

    I like everyone eles on this page love Above Suspicion I can’t believe it was cancelled I never watched Kidnap and Ransom but I am sure it would have been good to see I hate realty shows like big brother find them boring, would rather watch great actors on tv

    I thought the cast were great in above Suspicion I found myself getting involved with trying to solve the crime I have the box set of the series and still I enjoy them from time to time

    I think Ciaran hinds is a great actor have seen him in various tv drams past and present and enjoy them all I am now looking forward to seeing The sea on DVD which I have purchased from amazon

    Sorry to near that some people don’t appreciate his acting but as his fan I do

  • Vivien Rowe

    I have just finished reading the latest in the ‘Above Suspicion’ series and have loved every single one of the books. I was gutted when the TV series was cancelled in 2012, I honestly can’t believe you did this! PLEASE consider putting it back on our screens – you can see by the comments over the last couple of years this is what viewers want