Fourth Horseman Press To Publish Book About Fox’s 1990’s TV Series ‘Millennium’

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Indie-publisher Fourth Horseman Press are working on a new tome about the mid 1990’s TV series Millennium, TVWise has learned. This new book is set to be released this summer and I hear that amongst the book’s contributors is actor Lance Henriksen, who played leading man Frank Black in the series. I’m also told that a number of other high profile cast and/or crew members may be contributing to the book.

Tentatively titled ‘Back To Frank Black‘, this new book will feature a foreword written by Lance Henriksen, interviews with select members of the cast and crew and a number of other articles and essays which will explore the roots of the series, its various themes and myths, as well as the potential future of Millennium. The book’s title is drawn from the name of a fan campaign whose stated goal is to see the character of Frank Black return for either a feature film or a TV movie. Said campaign was created by James S. McLean who co-runs it alongside Troy Foreman, both of whom will also be contributing to the book. TVWise has also been able to confirm a number of other contributors, including award-winning author John Kenneth Muir, cast member Brittany Tiplady, Joe Maddrey (co-author of Lance Henriksen’s biography), Paul Clark, Gordon Roberts, Joe Tangari, Alexander Zelenyj, Adam Chamberlain and Brian Dixon.

For those of you who don’t recall: Millennium was created by Chris Carter and ran on the Fox network from October 25th 1996 to May 21st 1999. The series followed Frank Black, a former FBI agent and criminal profiler who was freelancing as a consultant for the Millennium Group. Millennium starred Lance Henriksen as Frank Black, Meghan Gallagher as Catherine Black and Klea Scott as Emma Hollis. The recurring cast for the series included Britany Tiplady as Jordan Black and Terry O’Quinn as Peter Watts. The series was produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Ten Thirteen Productions with Chris Carter, Michael Duggan, Chip Johannessen, Glen Morgan and James Wong serving as executive producers.

Millennium has been ever present in the news of late. In recent comments to, while promoting upcoming animated series Tron: Uprising, series star Lance Henriksen commented that he believed a Millennium film was “going to happen.” In those comments, Henriksen also revealed, without going into too much detail, that he and a number of others from the series were working on this book.

TVWise will bring you more on the book just as soon as we have it.

  • stephen connell

    This is all well and good but we need a movie before too much longer or we are going to be overwhelmed by Avengers movies and then no one is going to interested in Millennium!

  • kidsdontfollow

    would love a miniseries…but as long as I am wishing I want them to pick up the entire series again…..

    This show has somehow (along with the X Files) determined how I judge all other shows that even step into the same arena.

    I personally can’t stand the procedural genre….Millennium was about so much more than police and crime scene investigation…it was our contemporary conversation about morality and the thin line between good and evil – or as social psychologist Zimbardo called it – the Lucifer Effect.

    Millennium’s writers also realized the tragedy/comedy line was just as thin. How brilliant were the devils in the donut shop, Black Flag’s “my war” and poking fun at the X Files and standards and practices (don’t even get me started on the Charles Nelson Reilly episode). These combinations obviously share the cultural vocabulary with the fans of the show – this is who we are. Conversely, the show couldn’t possibly mean what it did to today’s young audience – it would just be for us and hope to be relevant to the younger audiences (which is entirely possible).

    The show deeply effected me and this is the result of all of the people who made that show possible.

    I am glad to hear and be connected to as many fan-atics of this show and their efforts to bring this character and creative personnel back.

  • Observer1

    ‘MillenniuM’ was and is a unique show with many layers and levels in the story.
    While the adventures of former FBI agent Frank Black had the main attention, his relation with his family, wife and daughter, his connection to the MillenniuM Group and Peter Watts and his personal dark side as a profiler were amongst the things that made MillenniuM stood out above the other television series at that time.
    It was darker than the X-Files, it had great guest stars, and the story in season 1 and 3 was so well acted, that a cultseries was in the making.
    Now, more than 15 years later, MillenniuM is a cult series. Fans are rabbit about a reboot or spin-off, they want a movie or mini-series and even the former castmembers, writers and producer have had contact about the possibilities.

    I myself think the time is right. A movie or mini-serie could be the start of a whole new (spin-off) series, where Frank Black is handing over the legacy of the original series. And who knows? If this could work, then maybe it is time for another X-Files generation aswel.

    I believe in new material, on any possible medium. Looking at current television, Fringe is cross-medial with comicbooks besides the tv-series, made a vinyl record, does a whole bunch of extra stuff with YouTube videos, and so on. That show is also cult in the making.

    MillenniuM has a strong fanbase from the original airing in the nineties, if word would get out (officially!!) that a movie or mini-series would be made, a whole lot of people would instantly hook up again. The cast believes it, and most of the (writing)staff believes it.
    The world is a whole lot stranger and more dangerous than it was 15+ years ago; all excellent material for MillenniuM.