Yellow Bird UK Options TV Rights To 'Spotify Untold', Eyes Limited Series Adaptation – TVWise

The story of Spotify is coming to television. Yellow Bird UK has optioned the TV rights to Spotify Untold (Spotify Inifrån), a tell-all book about the secretive start-up that evolved to become one of the world’s leading music services. The Banijay owned production company is planning on developing the book into a limited series.
The adaptation will examine how a secretive start-up wooed record companies, shook the music industry to its core, and conquered Wall Street. A tale of tech entrepreneurship, this is a journey beset with egos, obstacles, and betrayal. Central to the narrative is Spotify’s turbulent journey into the US market; a chess match between the new kids and the old guard, with Steve Jobs himself stepping in to frustrate their progress.
The Swedes had a secret weapon in the form of playboy billionaire and Napster founder, Sean Parker. Jobs, meanwhile, sent in ally and music guru Jimmy Iovine to poach Spotify’s employees to Beats Music, soon to be Apple Music and Spotify’s primary rival. Luke Franklin will serve as the series producer, while co-authors Jonas Leijonhufvud and Sven Carlsson will consult. Berna Levin will serve as the executive producer. Yellow Bird UK optioned the book from Eleonoora Kirk at Bonnier Rights.
“Spotify Untold is the ultimate tale of achieving the impossible and unimaginable. A modern-day David vs. Goliath set in the dynamic arena of the music industry, this is the true story of youth challenging the establishment”, said Yellow Bird’s Berna Levin. “With reality trumping fiction at every turn, we will explore one of the greatest and most surprising technological advancements of our time.”