CBC Renews ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ For Eighth Season

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Murdoch Mysteries

Mere days ahead of the show’s seventh season finale, Canadian public broadcaster CBC today confirmed that they had renewed Murdoch Mysteries for an eighth season.

The drama, co-produced by UKTV for their Alibi channel, is based on the series of novels by Maureen Jennings and follows the exploits of Detective William Murdoch as he investigates crimes in Toronto in the late 19th/early 20th century. The series is a co-production between UKTV, CBC, ITV Studios Global Entertainment and Shaftesbury Films and stars Yannick Bisson, Thomas Craig, Helene Joy and Jonny Harris.

The order for season 8, which, like season seven, has been set at 18 episodes, comes after Murdoch Mysteries has become a huge player for CBC. The series was initially commissioned for UKTV here in the UK and CityTV in Canada, airing its first five seasons on CityTV. The ratings on CitvTV had always been modest and ahead of the show’s fifth season the Canadian network announced the cancellation of Murdoch Mysteries. CBC then stepped in and ordered a sixth season, which pulled in strong ratings, promting the public broadcaster to order an 18 episode seventh season in April 2013. The strong ratings have continued during season seven, leading to today’s renewal. Murdoch Mysteries is also a strong player for UKTV’s Alibi channel, frequently pulling in more than 300K viewers; making it one of Alibi’s highest rated series.

  • http://www.tvwise.co.uk Sharon Root

    I love Murdoch; never miss it. If I am out I record it. Thanks tor keeping it.

  • Rene denais

    Please keep it going we love in Australia

  • Marie De Blasio

    Murdoch Mysteries is my favourite show – not to mention I just LOVE Yannick Bisson! Never miss the show and own all the series (thus far) on DVD!! So glad there’s a Season 8….. when is it airing in Australia?????!!!! (Foxtel 13th St. channel). Will William & Julia (finally) wed??

  • Marie Burden

    I am so pleased to hear that Murdoch Mysteries is going into an 8th season. I have purchased all the DVD’s from Season one through to Season six…love them all and have watched all of them more than once. Tonight was the end (and a real nail biter at the end) of season seven hopefully all the DVD’s of season seven wont be long before they are in the stores I cant wait to buy them. So to the person who said the show will continue for an 8th season certainly knows the show is a
    definite winner with people around the globe…Well done.

  • Janet brooks

    I love Murdoch Mysteries & it’s references to times & advances in history but mostly the characters. I hope it keeps running for years to come

  • Rhonda

    I record every episode, every time it comes on and then watch them over and over again. Thank you SO much for ordering another season. May it go on for years!

  • Phisigna

    Whoo Hoo!!! I’m rewarding seasons 4 & 5 on Amazon Prime! Love this show. So happy it’s continuing.

  • Laurel Carlton

    Thank you CBC for renewing Murdock Mysteries for an eighth season. Murdock and Coronation Street are my favourite shows.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Fantastic show. I have not missed an episode. Looking forward to season 8

  • Fay Thomas

    My husband & myself love watching Murdoch mysteries. It has a actors in it would not miss for the if I go out I record thank you 13th street &foxtel

  • paul schmitzer

    The best police series on TV the actors are all fantastic the best I love it.

  • Herry

    Yawn !

  • Betty Knight

    Excellent news I am looking forward to another series.

  • Brenda Deering

    I love the Murdoch Mysteries TV series ….. most excellent and good on CBC for picking up the series and continuing it. I am looking forward to watching season 8 and any others in the future.

  • http://shyrellmelara.wix.com/melara-family-photo Shyrell

    Run the show for another TEN SEASONS!!! Love, love, love it!!!

  • keith davies

    I love the Murdoch Mysteries TV series it,s the best series going on today really glad to hear that there will be a series 8 Excellent news

  • Micheline Bolduc

    My husband and I we love Murdoch and hiis inventions.Hope to see Julia and Murdoch married.
    Is the inspector dead or not? Hope not.Waiting for next season.

  • marlene

    So glad! Can’t wait to start watching season 8. This show has got to become Canada’s equivalent to Cory Street.

  • Henry & Elizabeth

    Brilliant news about the new Season 8! This is just a fantastic show that brings history to life. Anyone who has an interest in Crime should watch this series, especially the way it brings in the inventions of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries and blends this with humour. The language is so different from today’s Police stories without losing any grittiness. Maureen Jennings novels are now firm favourites in our home! The whole cast is excellent and long may it continue. Looking forward to visiting Toronto in September and hope to see some of the locations!

  • Cyndy

    So Glad to hear there will be an 8th season. Can’t wait for it to air!!! Thanks for keeping it going!! The best show on television.

  • George

    What a good quality show…….never miss an episode………they just do not make shows like this anymore, everyone I tell about the series turns out loving it……..am having Murdock withdrawals waiting on 7th season dvd’s to hit the stores!!

  • Jan

    Love it. Can’t wait to see Season 8. I guess Foxtel will keep us waiting here downunder.
    I thought 7 may have been the last but now I am ecstatic. The more we can see of Yannick Bisson the better.

  • Deborah

    Love Murdoch he’s great and love the way he solves his crimes with all the cool inventions. Can’t wait for season 8 and hope smooth sailing with Julia.

  • mahsoni

    My husband and I love this show…we can’t get enough…plz plz plz keep the show going on for as long as possible. ..one of the best shows on tv…thanks for keeping it on air.

  • Joanne

    So glad to hear Murdoch Mysteries is returning for an 8th season. I’ve been a fan since the beginning and never miss an episode. After the 7th season finale, I can’t wait for season 8. I think it will be an exciting one.

  • Norma Doyle

    I love Murdoch Mysteries. PLEASE PLEASE do not kill off Inspector Brackenreid!!! I love Thomas Craig. I love all the characters.


  • Elizabeth

    Terrific cast, characters, story-lines, and interesting bits of history have me positively addicted to Murdoch Mysteries! Thank you Canada!!! (I live in the States.)

  • Emma

    I absolutely LOVE Murdoch Mysteries is the best crime show EVER!!! I never miss an episode everything stops for Murdoch Mysteries in my house. The actors are amazing, I love George Crabtree he is soo funny and cute and the writers who come up with the story- lines are pure geniuses. Thrilled to hear there is going to be an 8th series I hope the show NEVER ends it is best crime show to be shown on Alibi. Murdoch Mysteries 4 EVA!! :D

  • edna

    Murdock mysteries or n.c.i.s., Murdock mysteries is always my choice.love the way Murdock says finger marks, sounds so fresh. here in Canada reruns are on showcase every nite at 1a.m. ,3a.m, 4a.m., 6a.m., and 8 a.m. cbc has the new shows on tues nite. can’t wait to see if brankreid is o.k and how Murdock and Julia fair.cbc has a hit. equal to corry street

  • Kati

    My son and I are huge fans in New Zealand. Have seen all episodes so far. Glad to hear the series is not finished. Please don’t kill off our dear Inspector. Any indication of when series 8 will be ready?

  • kiki

    I never miss it, I watch in Germany my family loves it too. And I always buy there DVD I like seeing it again it does not get old. Keep the Seasons coming 9 10 and so on.

  • Garry Donaldson

    When will Murdoch season 8 be shown in Australia ? Looking forward to it very much.

  • Laura

    This is such a wonderful show — and it is great to get so invested in a program that does not need sex and foul language to keep viewers. Judging by the comments listed here, this show has some real fans around the world.

    Well done and it’s fabulous news that there is a Season 8 in the works.

  • Randee Durocher

    I have loved this show since it first began. Started watching it because Yannick Bisson is so beautiful but before long the pretext of how he solves crimes and the wonderful references to future “stuff” made it one of my personal favourites and one I watch every week. Canada has every right to be very proud of this intelligent and sophisticated series. May it run forever!

  • steve

    Great show, can’t believe we have something that is so good…keep it up guys

  • Jim Bobovski

    great show keep it going, but if you decide to cancell it at some later date in the future more importantly give us a finishing episode which will give the series closure, not like the MORONS who make most American TV series who just decide to cancel and leave all the viewers hanging in limbo not giving closure for the show’s fans. There should be rules that should require them to complete every series with an ending episode or be legally sued by the viewers or If people threatened TV show sponsors to never buy and boycott their products, if a series is never properly completed you would see how quickly this would change. You have to hurt them the only place where it hurts them, their wallets.

  • Lesley

    I just started watching Murdoch this season and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I need to get all the seasons and do a marathon! I love all the characters and story line! So so so glad its returning <3

  • Al

    Thomas Craig is leaving the show.He wants to return to the UK.

  • Helen

    Murdoch Mysteries is the best programme on TV! The plots are excellent, the acting superb, the cast is masterful. I keep watching the shows over and over again, I probably know the dialogue by heart. Please keep the show going as long as possible, at least for many more seasons. Yannick Bisson is so easy on the eyes, a real heartthrob, I cannot get enough of looking at him.
    A Canadian grandmother.

  • Patriicia from Queensland Australia

    My partner & I love watcihing the show. Have brought dvd’s Seasons 1-6 from a magazine. When will season 7 be available on dvd? Cannot wait for Season 8.

  • Kevin

    This is a refreshing and thoughtfully produced program. I look forward to season 8.

  • shirley stewart


  • Ellie

    Murdoch Mysteries is a winner in my book! I love the entire cast, and absolutely think that Yannick would make a great Bond! It’s refreshing to watch an innovative, intelligent show with a wonderful cast. Yes, I hope It goes on for years to come. Have all seasons 1-6 on DVD, looking forward to getting the rest. Wish all the cast well, and hope they all stay with the show!

  • Vona

    This is the best show I’ve ever seen. I’m so hooked. Murdoch and dr. Ogden are so passionate – how is that not real. I love the show. Go canada. Beats the hell out of the old beach combers I remember as Canadian television

  • Shonya

    Love it here in the US, too. The humor in the historical references is so unique and fun. Very creative, smart, g-rated fun. I wish Americans would get a clue and make smarter TV like this. We like to dumb things down….way, way, way, down.

  • http://anne-thompson3@sky.com anne thompson

    so glad to hear there’s going to be a season 8. It is the best programme on tv here in UK. Can’t wait …

  • Joan & Chris

    When is Murdoch returning??? We just love this show and don’t miss an episode (record it if we do). Please don’t kill off Yannick Bisson…wouldn’t be the same without him…he adds so much to the show and is a great actor. By the way, when are William & Julia getting married???
    Please reply as we are getting anxious to start watching it again…too long a break!! Thank you

  • http://detektivHillary.blog.cz Sarah Hillary

    Whoa I realy love Murdoch Mysterious and I hope, Emily and George will get married to, because I like this two together.
    I’m so sorry for my english, but I’m from Czech republic so…
    in my opinion, Murdoch mysterious is the best serial I’ve ever seen.

  • Samantha

    I love Murdoch mysteries

  • Carol Ann Szafranski

    This show is the very best. It has a great cast, wonderful story lines and I love the time period. It has a lot of historical value, whoever does the research for the program does an excellent job. It’s a one of a kind success. So happy I finally found something that is so worth watching. I think canadian shows are awesome and so well produced. Thank you for giving us a show of value.

  • john

    Love Murdock, please Vibe keep showing it in New Zealand

  • David Burke

    Great news about there being a series 8 of Murdoch Mysteries. This is the only programme we watch as a family and look forward to it every week. From the Inspector’s back yard in Sheffield – many thanks.

  • Kimmy Jaymes

    I found Murdoch et al purely by accident but OH what a happy accident it was. I was hooked right from the start. I think, like the many fans out there, my heart sank at the prospect of it all ending after the fifth season. I was besides myself with annoyance at the thought of something this cleverly written and beautifully cast could be stopped in its tracks. Now, I couldn’t be happier that there’s to be a season 8! I’ll will treat myself by watching the previous seasons again until the new one starts. I suspect nobody is more surprised by the show’s popularity than Maureen Jennings herself. Long may this ride last. By the way, could there be a more romantic and so-right-for-each other pairing than Julia and William? I think not.

  • Lynda matus

    I’ve read the comments posted and can’t add much of anything else. I love the show. It’s the BEST I love the rating, I don’t have to turn it off with the kids watching. It’s a perfect family show. My family and I have watched rerun after rerun looking forward to the next episodes. Can’t get enough of Murdock Mysteries. I only wish I could come up with an episode myself. Thank you for put on another season.

  • sandy

    Love it love it cannot get enough I am going to buy all the dvds

  • http://Virginmedia Anne Heseltine

    Just watched the last program in series 7. Can’t wait for series 8 .Dont let Thomas die. My husband and I both think he is an integral part of the show.

  • hughes

    Addicted to murdoch keep watching re-runs, love the early csi stuff and lets hear it for george crabbtree and his aunties, please dont kill off the inspector and his colouful language we love it

    • Maggie T.

      I LOVE Murdoch – need season 8 here in the UK now!!!! Watch it on Alibi – brilliant show – I love George!!! They can’t leave the inspector like that – no agh!!!!!!!

    • Maggie T.

      Murdoch Rocks!!!! I love George!!! What a brilliant show – watch it on Alibi here in the UK – need season 8 now – you can’t leave the inspector like that!! No…!!!!

  • Danny

    can’t wait for season 8 great show watched every season so far

  • Mojgan

    I love it and please don’t stop it can’t wait to see season 8

  • Timothy Roberts

    A wonderful experience! We subscribe to acorn.tv to get Canadian, UK, and Australian TV in the US.
    T.R. Roberts

  • Lyn Clayton

    MURDOCH MYSTERIES, simply the best, my husband and I never miss it and record if we are out. Yippee for series 8. Actors in the series are fabulous. Keep it up.

  • Melanie

    Love Murdoch watched and rewatched every series.

    What a dramatic ending for series 7, can’t wait for series 8 don’t kill off Thomas Craig he’s fantastic has are all the characters. Hope Julia and William get married at the start of new series.

  • HH

    Murdoch Mysteries is one of my favorite shows. The humor, romance, historical background and science keep me coming back every show. If I could only watch one show, I would watch The Murdoch Mysteries. I hope this show goes on for many more season, as it is well worth it.

  • Spanky

    I love the show! I am so glad we can get it on Acorn TV. I can’t wait for season 8 to start, I hope the last show is not the wedding. I would like to see them together in the show as a couple officially and see how it evolves.

  • http://CBC Laura

    Just finished watching seasons 5, 6 and 7 on the CBC website! Bravo!!! I am so pleased to hear that there will be a season eight! I can hardly wait….and am already speculating on the conclusion of the inspector’s beating in the alleyway, Julia and William’s wedding and the getting back together of Emily and George! Again bravo, bravo!
    I love that this show takes place in Canada and hearing the characters talk about going to Winnipeg, my home town!

  • James curran

    Found Murdock mysteries by accident at public library via DVDs. Totally awesome show and cast. Wish CBC was available in Charleston SC so we could watch the show “live” each week through the season. Can’t wait to see next season !!!

  • Sheila Winsor

    We LOVE Murdoch… we found it on Netflix and then subcribed to Acorn TV via Roku just to watch this show. I’m not sure if the ratings reflect the American audience. Looking forward to season 8!!!

  • Harry Curriden

    Season seven was generally disappointing after six great seasons. Lets get back to quality mysteries and leave the sci/fi stuff to others

  • Lida

    This is an awsome show I watch it on demand and after watching the last episode of season 7 I’m so eager to wach season eight pls hurry I’m will die if I don’t get this new thing soon

  • clara

    C’est genial que Murdoch soit renouvelé ! Mais quelle est la date de sortie de la saison 8 ?

  • http://The4friendsproject.com Susan

    I love this show.
    I am currently on my 3 run through of Seasons 1-6 on Amazon. Can wait for 7 on Amazon even though I have already watched them on a streaming Canada channel. I hope they never stop. I know the characters get tired of doing the same old stuff, but hey, a working actor in season 8 is better than an out of work actor waiting on a new series. I love the quality of the filming and the close up camera work. The director and camera crew for this show are superb.

    Oh, and Yannick is pretty easy on the eyes.

    Love IT.♥

  • Ron

    All this talk about Yannick and the actor who plays George. Well use, the actor does a brilliant job performing the amusing character George- the guy you wish was your neighbour- but for many of us, the draw is Julia Ogden. I know of very few actresses that can package all at the same time a woman of Victorian propriety, a level-headed intelligent woman ahead of her time, and a very sexy woman who can any moment crank up the heat (a very attractive quality those latter two for at least some of us guys. I say, bring on more Julia, less supporting cast!

  • http://tvwise Thelma

    Australia loves Murdoch Mysteries best show on TV can’t wait for the next session to start,all the cast were born to play these roles they are great,I hope it goes on for years,

  • Maureen

    When will series 8 be released in the UK its a programme I really enjoy and all the people in the programme. Please let me know thank you.

  • Diane

    Found Acorn TV and have watched many mysteries through this site. Murdoch Mysteries is such a great series. I can hardly wait until season 8. The entire cast works so well together. The chemistry between Murdoch and Julia just radiates to the audience. I live in the USA and just love British Mysteries.

  • http://none virginia white

    dear friends like some of you I discovered the show by pure chance just changing channel we pick up the reruns here in the usa on channel ovation like some of you we tape them on each Saturday night but I season 5, 6, from ebay at a good price. so iam caught up to all but season 7 I hope the captain isn’t fixing to quit it takes the whole cast to make the show like yaw can’t wait for season 7, 8, just have to wait. good luck with their series virginia

  • Makenna

    I need to know what happened to brackenried!!!!! I have to thank my grandmother for showing me this show, definitely a favourite, my Favourite episode was the last James Giles episode (a.k.a. the train episode). 5 more seasons!!! :-)

  • Gail Ricker

    I love this show so much! I cancelled Direct TV here in the U.S. and signed up with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Acorn TV so I can watch all the seasons. Even my 11 year old son loves it. All the characters and colorful and talented. Thank you so much for providing great and wholesome entertainment as oppose to American shows full of sex, foul language, and violance!

  • Yvonne

    I watch Murdoch here in Texas via AcornTV. Love the intelligent storytelling and imaginative subject matter. I wish more U.S. shows would trust audiences enough to forego the excessive gore and perversity, leaving something for thinking people to enjoy. Looking forward to Season 8.

  • C Hanrahan

    My husband and I love Murdock Mysteries…. we watch it faithfully…. however, I am so sick of last years reruns… I know you are filming new episodes, but really… you need to get some new materials out there. I now find that I tune into the channel and as soon as I see yet another rerun ( sometimes for the 5th or 6th time)… I change channels.

    Please, Please , Please, give us some new materials.

  • http://N/A Victor

    One of the best, if not the best series on TV in England. Please keep up the good Plots and hopr teh Inspector is not being written out of the series. Looking forward to the wedding episode.

  • Lew

    Love the show,but what happen to brackenreid !

  • Weakeyes

    Murdoch is by far the best and most entertaining series on TV at the moment. My wife and I came across this series in Australia by accident but have been avid viewers ever since. Cant wait for Season 8 to be aired and waiting to see what happens to the Inspector, William and Julia. Love George Crabtree and his twists on Murdoch’s inventions and investigative techniques and naming them. As a former Police Officer of 20 years and a Detective for most of that time I can relate in many ways to Murdoch and the changes he encounters with investigative techniques and forensics as I did. I can also relate many of the characters to former work colleagues which makes the show even more enjoyable.
    Thank you for continuing the series, can’t wait.

  • warner mcintire

    Hi, I love the whole series – but would like Anna Fulford to come back along with his half brother, and father

  • Koboclio

    I’ve loved Murdoch Mysteries since the beginning. The characters had a certain chemistry right from the start and it has deepened every season since. I’m so glad it’s been renewed for another season and hope it will be around for many more.

  • http://commentonmurdoch warner mcintire

    After reading all the comments re Murdoch so far I agree that there should be be 9th season and on from there. Hoever I’m evidently going against the grain in hoping that somehow Murdoch winds up marrying Anna Fulford, the Bristol girl. They have more in common

  • Joanne

    Montreal and Ottawa Love this show. Without a doubt Murdoch Mysteries has the best ensemble cast of any detective show on tv today. You cannot help but be invested in all their characters. Can’t wait for season 8 to start! Everytime I hear about cuts to programming on CBC I say a prayer for this gem.

  • Barry Mills

    Absolutely fantastic series. MY mum got me into it, she is 74 years old and I always watch an episode with her on a Wednesday. I have now involved my wife and daughter who also love the programme. Please keep it going as its something we look forward to watching with family and friends. Many thanks. Barry from Oxford England.

  • Bernadette

    Love love Murdock. Just watched the last episode of series 7. Can’t wait for series 8. Who will replace Brackenreid and FINALLY Murdock is getting married. Hooray

  • Linda Bezec

    Murdoch Mysteries is one of the finest shows on TV. Never miss an episode. Have recorded them all. Please, do not eliminate the role of Inspector Brackenreid. He is such an integral part of the show. The chemistry with all the characters would be greatly changed with any change to the cast. Thomas Craig is superb as the Inspector, we need him on the show. Thank you.

  • Laura Cotter

    CBC et al…….keep the Murdoch episodes coming. One of the best shows EVER. Great stories and cast. You are outdoing Midsomer’s endless series by a huge margin. Murdoch will never get ‘boring’!!!!

  • http://carterkristy16@yahoo.com Kristy carter

    I love Murdoch Mysteries..when will season 8 be available to buy…

  • John

    Great news. Can’t get enough of Murdoch Mysteries. I only have Alibi to watch Murdoch and Castle.

  • Shane D.

    Great show, have watched them all. Can’t wait for season 8 to start in October. If you like history you will like Murdoch Mysteries.

  • Paul N.

    My wife and I are happy he proposed and she said yes and they will marry. Now they can stop playing dominoes, and raise little Julias and little Murdochs. The inspector will recover and wreak his vengeance on those who ambushed him.

  • Lesley

    Hurray there will be a series 8 have heard Tom Craig wants to leave to return to UK hope that’s not true it would spoil the mix to have him replaced, love watching it on Alibi with the family so refreshing to have a programme with no swearing, Crabtree adds the comedy and the history lessons are brilliant can’t wait for series 6 & 7 to be released on region 2 for the UK hope it will be soon. have been to Toronto its a great city -Lesley United Kingdom

  • Corrinna K.

    I love this show. Began watching the early episodes on Netflix and have been watching the later episodes on Ovation (Cable TV) in Los Angeles. I can hardly wait (like a child at Christmas) for the new season of shows. I very much hope the Cast stays together for this Season. I love the Cast of characters and the writing, particularly the threading of historic events in many of the episodes. If this has to be the last series of shows, hopefully they can bring each of the storylines to a plausible conclusion.

  • Sue Lambert

    Good for you CBC ! You have a winner with Murdoch Mysteries! When will Murdoch Mysteries be starting the 9th season? If you want to raise the # of viewers, just keep this show on the air for at least 10 more years! This show is a staple of life. Yannick Bisson has made that role his own. He is a big reason that I watch the show. I am from the US, and we do not have ANY tv series that can compete with Murdoch Mysteries. “Cue that sexy, unmistakable, theme song !”

  • FIOna

    I love Murdoch- my winter evenings are not complete without it.. great show and very cute lead

  • William

    Murdock Mysteries is 100% better than any American TV Show ever, keep it going CBC i can’t wait now untill i’m watching Season 20 of Murdock Mysteries on CBC Television

  • Rachel

    Please Thomas Craig don’t leave! The mix of characters makes the series work. Your unproper english makes a great character to bounce off of. Bollocks don’t leave. Bloody Hell!

  • Cameron

    Can’t wait for season 8 hope brackenreid isn’t killed of think yannick bison would make great James Bond

  • griggie

    DO NOT STOP, love this programme, DO NOT change or kill off any actor, this would change the whole dynamics of the show. Their is plenty left in the to do More series. I record every episode and have watched many many times. DO NOT let us Murdock fans down please, alibi would not be the same.

  • griggie

    Just read Brackenreid to be no more, up his salary to keep him, up all therie salaries to keep them, they cant leave, love all the quirky ways of the cast.

  • http://eddyhopy@gmal.com Edward

    CANT WAIT FOR NUMBER 8 THIS IS A GREAT SHOW we all love it here in Australia

  • http://andersns1@gmail.com Sharon Anderson

    Whitby, Ontario

    I love the show, it is fantastic. I like all the characters, please Thomas Craig do not leave, you add a lot of energy to the show
    I worked at the Archives and I see maps and pictures and books that are used in your show as part of the story, a history of Toronto is a big part of your show! We even had a researcher that came in to the Archives to do research on Doctor Ogden?

  • Jane Wilson

    Love the Murdock Mysteries!! I haven’t missed a single episode. My husband and I watch the show. When we are not home we record it. Love the characters….love the era…love the famous people the writers bring into the plot…I hope the show continues for a long time to come!