ITV Sets Premiere Date For ‘Whitechapel’ Season 4

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The fourth season of ITV’s drama series Whitechapel will premiere on Wednesday September 4th at 9pm, it has been announced.

Created by Ben Court and Caroline Ip, Whitechapel follows a group of police detectives, led by Detective Inspector Joseph Chandler, as they investigate homicides which seem to be copycat killings based on historical crimes. The drama series is produced by NBCUniversal’s Carnival Films and stars Rupert Penry Jones as Detective Inspector Joseph Chandler, Phil Davis as Detective Sergeant Ray Miles and Steve Pemberton as Edward Buchan.

In the opening episode of the show’s fourth season Chandler, Miles and the team investigate a series of bizarre and macabre murders that set them on edge. A darkness pervades their cases; something unsettling, something that lurks in the shadows that makes you not want to turn out the lights. Buchan is challenged to use his extraordinary resource of archive material to find historical precedents. Can he give the team the edge over a series of ruthless and cunning adversaries?

TVWise’s UK Premiere Dates page has been updated with this new information.

  • Diana Duran

    Love this series…wish I could view it in now time…hope for continued success from South Texas,USA!

  • Gordon Smith

    Just read the comment from Texas – here in the UK it takes a whole year for NCIS to reach our screens after it airs in the US. Is there a similar delay for a UK show to reach US tv?
    Whitechapel will premier here on Sept 4. Can’t wait! From Huntingdon UK.

  • Timothy

    Holy Crap!!!
    My Favourite show ever can’t wait me and my mother always watch this together mainly cause we live together, but anyway love the show anyway plus check me out on search my name is Timothy The Lover and I’m a 40 year old as you now jnow I live with my mother and I love kittens!!!

  • Nadja

    Gordon Smith, yes, there is the same delay (not sure if it’s the same time frame). It does seem a little odd to me that there is such a delay in getting a show from one country to another. I mean if one is willing to purchase the show, say through iTunes or another such global site, then let it be available, another source of revenue. Sure there may not be many who choose to do so, but still an option.

    I miss Whitechapel…

  • J oyce Stringer

    I am enjoying the new series for the acting however, my vision is not the best and I find that the scenes are shot in near darkness and it is difficult to follow the action.
    In my experience I have never found or been in an underllit public building and this week a character saw a dentist in a dental surgery which was in near darkness……………..this is totally unrealistic.
    Please have some consideration for those of us who are visually challenged and to hell with atmosphere!