Dave’s ‘Taskmaster’ Breaks More Ratings Records In Season 7

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Taskmaster is once again breaking ratings records with its recently launched seventh season.

The series, fronted by Greg Davies and Alex Horne, has been reaching 1.44 milion viewers this season, up 7% from season six. The figures also make season seven the most successful to date. ABC1 viewers are up 13%, and 16-34s are up 11% on season six.

Taskmaster sees Greg Davies, assisted by Alex Horne, assigning tasks to a group of well-known comedians to show their creativity, conniving and competitiveness, before he ultimately decides who wins. The series is produced by Avalon Television and has spawned numerous international versions, including a US adaptation on Comedy Central. The season seven finale is due to air on November 7th, with James Acaster, Jessica Knappett, Kerry Godliman, Phil Wang and Rhod Gilbert battling it out for the Taskmaster champion title and Greg’s golden trophy.

“I recently watched an episode from the first series of Taskmaster and I was amazed at how fresh-faced and cheerful I looked”, said Alex Horne, creator and executive producer of Taskmaster. “I had no idea then that I’d still be serving such a powerful Taskmaster now or that I would have been demeaned in so many different ways in the intervening 50 episodes. I am a very lucky little man.”

While Luke Hales, Channel Director of Dave, added: “If there is one show on Dave that really sums up the heart, soul and ambition of the channel, it is Taskmaster. The show was brilliant from the off and continues to go from strength to strength – it feels as fresh, funny and distinct as it did back in 2015. It’s great to see that we can continue to grow the show even after seven series and I don’t think we have reached the ceiling yet, especially now we can more accurately measure its consumption across all platforms.”