E4 Renews ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ For Second Season

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E4 has renewed its drama series My Mad Fat Diary for a second season of 6 episodes, which is set to air in 2014. Production on season 2 is set to commence this summer.

Produced by Tiger Aspect Productions, My Mad Fat Diary takes an honest look at teenage life from the perspective of Rae Earl, a funny, music-mad 16-year-old who, despite an eccentric mother and her own body image and mental health issues, has a huge lust for life, love and trying to get laid. The series stars Sharon Rooney, Ciara Baxendale, Dan Cohen, Jodie Comer, Jordan Murphy and Nico Mirallegro. Tom Bidwell will return as showrunner and executive producer on the new season.

Sophie Gardiner , Channel 4’s Commissioning Editor for Drama, said: “Thanks to Tom Bidwell’s funny and insightful writing, and Sharon Rooney’s stand-out performance as the great Rae Earl, My Mad Fat Diary has captured the hearts of the E4 audience, and we are delighted that the show is returning to E4.”

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  • Danelle

    So glad this is coming back brought back memories

  • georgii92

    Omgg this has got to hurry up, its awesome

  • Ellie

    Is it not possible they can bring it out sooner?

  • lisa loo

    loved it cant wait 4season2

  • Danisnotonfire

    Actually can’t wait for this next season!

  • Gaby Barran

    i dont think i can wait until next year!! :D soo good, it honestly makes me feel better about myself :) love you rae – telling you that you need to just be happier, that this stuff doesnt matter in the slightest.. makes me realise i need to do the same <3

  • t murray

    I really do not think I can wait until 2014, lets hurry it up guys! :) please.

  • Ammara

    Please…please can you make it sooner. Cant really wait.
    Love all the haracters they are awsome espcially rae and finn…X

  • Rujikorn

    This is so popular in my school. Pleaseeee, we can’t wait for year

  • Hollie

    Is there a box set kinda thingy coming out love it so much I could watch it over and over again…

  • kai freeman

    i loved every episode,can’t wait till come back on.Finn an Rae def my best characters so cute together xx

  • Sameira

    Omg I love this show, its so awesome, I can’t wait for the second season. I love u Rae!!!!!!

  • Bay

    I recently found out about MMFD. When I watched the first episode, I was hooked. I love it so much!

    I love the fact that they’re finally using an imperfect girl for the main character. It makes me love it even more. And Finn… Ugh, don’t even get me started. That guy is pure sex, LOL. I can’t wait for it to come back!

  • chesca

    omg cant wait love u rae and finn is soo hot xxx i wish itwas on sooner as soon as i seen the first episode i was hooked i love it

  • Kiti

    Oh my gosh, next year?! I really hope you can bring the release dates forward as this was the highlight to my week! Can’t wait for Rae-Rae to come back, absolutely brilliant show, 5 stars!

  • Dilruba

    6 episode is so short for that amazing series. PLEASE put more episodes for that serie and make us happy :))

  • Amber 1988

    Omg it’s coming back u don’t no how glad i am I cried on the last one thay did because it’s so go I wish I could marry fin and I no what she is going thrue I bet no one now as good as me I love you rae u make life grate keep on going and never give up xxxxxxx

  • mmfd lover

    omg! i cant wait until 2014! i’m unpatient for this serie :/

  • Lucinda


  • Akesha

    OMG whyyyy is it coming out in 2014?!?!? i’m sorry but that is mean on sooo many levels! these episodes/series has been great! it was bad enough i had to wait a whole week to watch the next episode now your telling me i have to wait till next year?! ohh myy please hurry :)

  • J

    2014!?? WHAAT bring it out sometime this year!! That’s way too long of a wait and we all love this show

  • Belle

    I love Finn so much it’s unreal i have to keep on watching series one on repeat because i love it so much and i can’t wait till 2014 it’s to long i’m not going to make it:( please hopefully it could come out earlier it’s so good love everyone in it hope Tix gets better :( <33

  • Belle

    I cried at the last one too :P

  • Laura

    OMG, i cant wait tillit comes out i have been expecting it every monday!! ahh Finn&rea are perfect together do they go out? hah! really excited:Dx

  • belle

    Does anyone know what the like sign language/communication is called between Rae&Finn(e.g.when Finn starts writing what he says or thinks on Rae’s leg/hand)??? Need a reply as soon as possible thanks xx

  • Gabs

    Loved this program it’s amazing too long to wait though and oh my god how fit is Finn he’s amazing arrgghhh x and it doesn’t take that long to film just one season take it from me I know. This was awesome though loved watching it, so funny and FINN x urgghhh this is what made my Mondays, now I’m hooked on vampire diaries on Tuesday, come on mmfd you are going to have to release your self by showing season 2 out early or everyone will forget, maybe not bout Finn though x

  • Danni Rhodes

    I can NOT wait till 2014 season 1 was so good can’t it happen sooner?

  • Danni Rhodes

    OMFG Every ones In love with Finn… Rae, Chloe…. ME!!!!!!! Is there an exact date because I will be having a count down lol <3 this show is so good I hope season 2 comes fast and I HOPE THERES A SEASON 3

  • corinne

    Can’t wait for the new series, sucks that we have to wait a year though:/ seriously this show is just so amazing, made me see things in a different light!

  • Sophia

    Why are there only 6 episodes when all summer is being used to work on it? are there going to be many other series?

  • Lucy furlong

    Omg that is so not fair you can not make us all wait till 2014 that is like A year well 9 moths omg it finished with Finn telling ray he loves her what happens next like I am so impasaint arr love my mad fat direy xxx is it possible to can bring it out sooner please xxx

  • sarah

    omg… i can’t wait that long! I need more MMFD nowwwwwwww :o

    *goes and rewatches the 6 episodes over and over and over and over……*

  • Emma

    OMG … I want to find out what is going to happen between Rae and Finn and if Archie is ever going to “come out”. Ahhhh … can’t wait.

  • Busra

    I CAN’T WAIT WAIT THAT LONG, IT HAVE TO BE SOONER! or peope will forget it.

  • Sarah killops

    I absolutely love this show it is amazing :) I wish 2014 would hurry up missing watching it every Monday night hurrrrrrrrrrrrry up! Ps loveyou Finn<3

  • Arbee

    I`m very happy watching it.
    i keep on repeating every episode.
    im so obsess ugh!
    why 2014 it will lead to turn off for some :(
    love you Finn<3 and Rae <3
    Archie<3 Izzy<3 Chop<3

    cant wait!!!
    this show inspires me a lot.
    so sad i will wait very long…..

  • Diana

    Me and my friend would like to see season 2 soon as we’ve been hanging for too long, as we want to know what happens between Finn and Rae because they’re fab together!!

  • Danielle

    Hell Yeahhhh :D Loved First Series Ent No Doubt Ill Be Loving The Second I Just Don’t Think I Can Wait Till Next Year :( that’s The Only Let Down Really.. Other Than That Yayyy

  • Samantha

    2014??!!! WHATTTTT. i am not going to be able to wait that long. I really enjoyed this show and want to see it earlier. Come on guys, maybe put your back into it?

  • Jade

    I love this Finn is soooo hot cant believe he was newt out of hollioaks love him <3

  • Emma

    These characters are so lovable & relatable– can’t wait to see how things go for Rae!

  • Holly


  • Bradley M

    The music in this is Belting! Get it back on!

  • Ellesss

    Watched the first series 3 times now, can’t wait for the 2nd series! It’s one of my favourite programmes and I love the aspect of music in it and how it’s set in the 90s. Hurry up though, will it be out early 2014 or late?

  • Stacey

    OMG I cant wait this was a great show and bought back so many memories I just love it

  • roseanne:)

    is it possibblle you can put the show on sooner?, it really helps teanagers reflect on thier lifes, it has got to be the best eduacatoion program on tv.

  • Codie harper

    Omg I can’t wait I loved it why can’t they bring it out this year please hurry up to next year I want to see what Rae gets up to xoxo

  • Neveyn

    Hey, I’m extremely excited for season two(2). The best thing is, it’s going to e filmed in my GODAMN SCHOOL!! Yes in my GODAMN SCHOOL!! Yayyyyyyy!!! I can’t believe it, this is my dream to meet all the characters especially Rae and finn, both inspirational, love you all though!!! Xxxxxx

  • hannah


  • parys

    this is the best show i’ve ever watched in my life i am begging if i cud be sent the second series now or just the first two episodes plz get back to me omg love rae and finn and love the fact they love eachother this show relates so much to me need to see if they actually get togeva if the gang split up and if tix dies and wht happens danny two hats plz send me them thanx for an amazing show makes life better xxxxxxxx

  • Emily

    omfgg love you finnn your just perfect :) cant wait till next series you and rae belong together

    hurry up love you finn <3

  • sammy

    Love it I saw adverts n thought it was going to be bad so I thought ill watch abit of first one see what its like instantly hooked brilliantly done just love it cant wait for season 2

  • KayJ

    2014! i can not :(
    hurry hurry!

  • Jasmin Hosegood

    Cant wait till the second season of my mad fat diarys

  • Charlotte

    Omg can’t wait for series 2 of my mad fat dairy can’t it come out earlier because I keep watching series 1 but I want to find out what happens between rae and Finn :)

  • Lucy Arkless


  • lucy

    cant wait i really love this show one of my favorites in the world

  • EllieOwen

    actually cant wait for next season!!!!!! i honestly LOVE it soooooo much. hurry up 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    I keep checking to see when season two is going to start! This needs more than two series!!
    This program makes me so happy! Best thing, I have ever watched! Reminds me of school!! I love it!!xx

  • Anita

    So happy to hear that! This show is excellent!! Can’t wait :)

  • Molly chisholm

    I cant wait xxxx

  • shirley

    Come on 2014 and hurry up. This program is great. Its even better when you know the real characters, and how you used to be!!!!!!

  • Nicky

    Can’t wait for it to come back I absolutely love my mad fat diary it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen!!!!!

  • Sarah Killops

    They should make more than six episodes&they should do series three while there doing the second

  • priscilla caro

    OMFG! I cannot wait!!!!! Just started watching it online (cause i live in the U.S.A) & instantley was HOOKED! UGGGGGRRRR MAKE MOR THAN 6 EPISODE

    P.S- found out it airs in FEBRUARY!!!!

  • molls

    ok its officially 2014 , I’ve been waiting all year for this show to premiere series 2 and I’m so crazy about it , I LOOOOVE IT !! hurry , i want to see finn !!!!! ur all amaze balls characters 2 hats and tix should so date xxx

  • http://replyingtopriscillacaro Molls

    thankyou for putting this comment up Priscilla Caro , I’ve been trying to find out when it next premieres and i now know , can’t wait , 2014 of my mad fat diary should be the best !!!

    thanks again to priscilla caro , BTW guys and gals , you HAVE to watch the trailer and check out what happens in series 2 , i think finn and are will break up , archie will find someone for him and hopefully soon.

    this year needs to go as fast as last year and speed up the television of E4 , we need you Sharon Rooney.

    i love this show so much i could almost waste my whole life writing an entire SA on how much i am a fan …….

    i am the only one in my whole school who knows about this great show , are the rest of them MAD ?!

    i must show them, i will show them all .

    Priscilla thanks again , love your name btw , can you please find the date of when the show will be returning , many thanks , Molls