Breaking Bad To Remain Without A UK Broadcaster

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Exclusive: Almost two weeks ago, TVWise reported that Channel 5 did not own, nor did they have any intention of acquring the broadcast rights to the third, fourth and fifth seasons of Breaking Bad from Sony Pictures Television. At the time we also reported that we had heard rumblings that a new UK broadcaster may move in and pick up the rights to the series.

However, after making contact with various contacts and sources at Sony as well as at a number of UK TV channels, it would appear those rumblings were merely that. I have been told that there are no plans to pick up the series among any of the bigger channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, FX or Sky.

The truth of the matter is that the series has been given two chances to find its audience here in the UK, first on FX and then later on 5USA, and on both occasions it failed to do so. I’m told that this is a source of frustration for Sony as, in the United States, the series continues to attract awards and grow its audience year-on-year. So for a series which seems to have no proven audience in the UK, and awards sure to be driving up the licensing fee for the series, I’ve been told there is almost no chance of Breaking Bad finding a new broadcaster.

Breaking Bad was created by Vince Gilligan and follows Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a terminal cancer patient who, concerned that his family will be without means following his death, turns to cooking methamphetamine to make large amounts of fast money. The series is broadcast by AMC in the United States who recently ordered a fifth and final season consisting of 16 episodes. Production is currently underway on the first batch of 8 episodes, which are expected to be broadcast as a mini-season in the summer.

  • Andy

    It did have an audience on FX, that’s where I found BB. 5USA annoyingly bought the rights off FX.

    When it moved to 5USA it was shown at 11:30pm every night between Xmas and New Year. It was hardly going to find an audience at that time of the night and year.

  • Gary

    I wish they would at least sell the box sets here.

  • James

    They need to show it on terrestrial channels such as 1, 3 or 4. Screw 5 and 5USA and FX? They’re not popular, mainstream channels and so it’s no wonder the audience was not large. LOST was first aired on Channel4 and was massive then SKY took it over and LOST lost a big chunk of viewers as not everyone has sky, granted a lot do so it survived. Luckily with the internet everything can be watched regardless of channel and/or country. I’m in the UK, have just watched all four seasons and now aching for #5. Fantastic show.

  • UncleBob

    Since Netflix launched in UK the 1st two series created a buzz, 3rd series was added a short time ago & again creates a buzz, but it’s so frustrating we can’t even buy the boxsets unless import them.

  • Mark

    The boxsets are available on amazon uk. Can’t wait for the fifth series.

  • mike

    just seen breaking bad first 2 episodes on netflix why not on itv or bbc

  • thomas wallace

    The best show on TV, what a joke. When you think about the rubbish that is put on the tv, all these reality shows.

  • Jbyte

    Just picked up box set of seasons 1 to 4,
    Compulsive viewing, finished season 1 and we are now into season 2, big mistake UK tv not picking this up.

  • Farah Tahir

    Basically our tv stations are run for MORONS to be watched by MORONS. Do you expect the morons in charge of tv to actually screen something that intelligent people would want to watch? THANK GOD YOU CAN WATCH GOOD PROGRAMMES on the internet. What qualifications do you need to run a tv station? oh yeah stupidity and a desire to dumb down the population’s IQ with crap. Hey tv bosses you are slowly sowing the seeds of your own destruction.

  • Bobby Crush

    the treatment or lack of it towards ‘Breaking Bad’ by UK TV executives,is the television equivalent to DECCA Records telling 4 young men from Liverpool their band had ‘no future in showbusiness’

    Quite frankly,the greatest tv show ever….although in a way i’m glad i’ve only started watching via complete boxset and not on tv.

  • Sam Clare

    I think they should give it another go. A lot of people have heard of it now, whereas in the past they hadn’t.