UPDATE: ABC Cancels ‘Body Of Proof’, ‘Happy Endings’, ‘How To Live With Your Parents’, ‘Malibu Country’ & ‘Red Widow’

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UPDATE, 02:17 AM: Well ABC’s renewals and cancellations have panned out more or less as everyone predicted. In addition to the cancellations of Body of Proof, Happy Endings and Malibu Country (as detailed below), the network has now cancelled low rated freshman drama series Red Widow and freshman comedy series Family Tools and How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life).

PREVIOUS, 01:58 AM: While ABC is busy picking up new pilots for next season and renewing numerous shows, some less than pleasant calls are also being made. The network has just cancelled drama series Body of Proof and comedy series Happy Endings and Malibu Country.

Body of Proof, which underwent retooling for a third season, had largely been tipped to receive a four season renewal due to strong international sales and the tax incentives the show receives. The cancellation comes as a surprise and just goes to show that the retool curse is alive and well – I can’t think of any show in recent years that underwent retooling post launch and went on to be successful.

As for Happy Endings and Malibu Country, the cancellation of Happy Endings has long been expected due to the substantial drop in ratings the show suffered this year. There has been rumours floating that USA Network would pick up the series should it be cancelled by ABC. Now that that has happened, expect those discussions to begin in earnest. Malibu Country did ok numbers in its Friday night-slot, but they just weren’t strong enough to warrant renewal.

  • John smith

    Why did u cancel body of proof that is my favorite show in the whole world and I know it is a lot of other people’s favorite show to. This is horiable and a lot of people are very angry about this. Can u please not cancel it. It would make me and everyone else so very happy

  • Evelyn Bentley

    It’s my favorite sow! Don’t cancel it!

  • Tara

    Do not cancel Body of Proof if you do the only thing left on ABC worth watching is Grey’s and I might stop watching that just cause i am so PO’d at the moment about Body of Poof it is a Great Show

  • Mary

    I really, like Brad Garrett, Elizabeth Perkins and Sarah Chalke.
    I love the parent scenario which could be a show in itself.

    I don’t care for how stupid and inept the Polly character is especially because
    of the great roles Sarah has portrayed before.

    Also the looser husbands character is very uninteresting.

    I was very excited to watch this show when I first heard about it.

    I was looking forward to seeing the hilarious and talented Brad Garrett again.
    I am very sorry this show has been cancelled.

  • Janet

    Why has Body of Proof been cancelled? You need to give it a chance since you changed it in 2013. It really was much better but how could we know that? Maybe you should try asking the viewers for input before you cancel shows!!!

  • sandra

    My son and I really enjoyed this show. I wished it was not cancelled. HTLP