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Wealth Of LGBT Scripted Shows, Dearth Of UK Pick Ups

With a recent trend to more diverse scripted shows, a number of LGBT-centric shows have recently been commissioned. But despite these varied stories, offering a complex view of LGBT life, not a single one of these shows have secured a UK deal. So just why have these scripted dramas and comedies, which prominently feature LGBT characters, failed to cross the Atlantic?

Acquisitions Buzz: LGBT Mini ‘When We Rise’ Eyes UK Deal, Buyers Set Sights On ‘Looming Tower’ & ‘L&O: True Crime’

ABC's LGBT rights miniseries 'When We Rise', from Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black, is closing in on a UK deal. Additionally, TVWise has identified two new shows from next season that are being eyed for UK pickups: The Looming Tower, a ten episode drama series about the road to 9/11 that was recently commissioned by streaming service Hulu; and Law & Order: True Crime, the latest entry in NBC's long-running Law & Order franchise.