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Nevision Options M.G. Leonard’s Beetle Trilogy For TV Adaptation

Nevision has optioned the rights to M.G. Leonard's trilogy of Beetle children's books (Beetle Boy, Beetle Queen and Battle Of The Beetles) with plans to adapt them as a live-action TV series. The deal was brokered by Kirsty McLachlan at literary agency DGA, who represent Leonard. The trilogy begins with thirteen-year-old Darkus Cuttle’s search for his kidnapped father, leading him to discover a mountain of extraordinary beetles and pitting him against the mad-scientist of the fashion world Lucretia Cutter, an haute-couture villainess with an alarming interest in insects.

Nevision, Lionsgate Developing Geo-Political Thriller ‘Oil’

Nevision and Lionsgate have inked a deal to co-develop and produce Oil, an eight episode geo-political thriller series which hails from Alan Whiting (Kingdom), Matthew Faulk (Titanic: Blood & Steel) and Mark Skeet (Vanity Fair). Oil is set in the early 1970s in the Persian Gulf and follows the hedonistic world of ex-pats. They are a powerful, displaced people in a foreign land they all but own and who consider the black gold under the desert theirs to take. But what they don’t know is that they are sitting on a powder keg and it’s about to blow.

Nevision Takes Majority Stake In About Premium Content

APCIndependent production company Nevision has acquired a majority stake in French financing and distribution company About Premium Content. The two companies will remain independent of each other and will continue to work with outside producers and distributors, but there will be opportunities for Nevision and APC to collaborate on specific projects. The deal will give Nevision a strengthened presence in Europe and will bring increased support and funding access to APC.