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Each TV season brings with it a certain amount of anxiety for fans. Will your favourite new shows be sticking around? What about returning favourites? Will this be the year FOX finally says goodbye to Fringe? And what about the CSI’s over on CBS? To help ease your anxiety we present to you the Ratings Analysis.
What is the Ratings Analysis?
The Ratings Analysis is a feature that was started to show you, our readers, the odds of your favourite shows being renewed. Each week we will run a Ratings Analysis for each show currently being broadcast on television*, the individual analyses will show you (at a glance) a show’s performance this season, how that stacks up against the shows performance last year as well as how it stacks up against the networks average for this season. From there, you will see our evaluation of whether the show will be renewed or canceled by the end of the season. We judge this based on available ratings data, the behaviour of the network in years past and whatever insider information we may have.
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*Note – The Ratings Analyses we publish cover all original scripted shows currently airing on broadcast television and basic cable. We are unable to provide analyses for shows airing on premium cable networks (Showtime, HBO) given the different business models employed by those networks.