Morning Live finds popular fast-food chains underreport calorie menu items

BBC Morning Live’s Briony May Williams has uncovered discrepancies in the calorie counts reported by several major fast-food chains.

According to the investigation, some items on their menus could contain up to 30% more calories than stated.

A special analysis for Morning Live, led by Dr Nazanin Zand, a Food Science and Nutrition Professor at the University of Greenwich, highlighted inaccuracies in the calorie information provided on the menus of well-known fast-food outlets.

The findings indicate that the majority of the tested foods had higher calorie counts than expected, with some surpassing the legally acceptable variation limit of 20%. For instance, a cheeseburger was found to have a calorie content 31% higher than what was claimed, a chicken burger was 28% higher, and a sausage bean and cheese melt exceeded its listed calories by 24%.

The Morning Live investigation emphasizes the inconsistency between the nutritional information provided and the actual caloric value of the food served.

To find out which fast-food chains are involved and their responses, tune in to BBC Morning Live on Monday, 13th November, starting at 9:15 am on BBC One.

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