Welcome to TVWise’s ‘Frequently Asked Questions Page. If you have a question for our team you will likely find the answer here, if not you can contact us here.

Why TVWise?

The idea for the site occurred to Patrick Munn in late 2010/early 2011. He described the idea by saying: “My basic feeling here was that there was no site on the internet that served both the UK and US TV industries. In fact, while there are a number of great sites covering the US side of things I couldn’t find many that provided a similar service for the UK and none that blended both together.”

As You Cover Both The US and The UK Why Is The URL .co.uk Instead of .com?

The simplest answer to this question is that the .com had already been registered and of all the alternatives open to us .co.uk seemed like the next best option.

Why Don’t You Report Ratings For The UK?

This is something we are currently looking into and intend to begin reporting on UK ratings figures in the not too distant future.

What Is the Ratings Analysis?

The Ratings Analysis is a weekly feature in which we write up an analysis for each original scripted show currently airing on US television (excluding premium cable channels). Each analysis looks at the shows performance this season in relation to the average for its respective network and determines if the show in question is safe or in danger of being canceled.

Why Don’t You Do A Ratings Analysis For UK Shows?

As noted above, we currently don’t receive ratings figures for the vast majority of UK channels running original programs unless the channel in question issues a press release. And without complete information we can’t accurately analyse a shows chances of renewal.

What Is The TV Scorecard?

The TV Scorecard is a simple breakdown of which shows have been renewed or canceled. We maintain three separate scorecards one for the UK and two for the US: Broadcast and Cable.

What Is The Acquisitions Scorecard?

The Acquisitions Scorecard is a simple breakdown of which US shows have been picked up by a UK broadcaster.