Dynamo is dead revealed

In an unprecedented two-hour live event, Dynamo, the world-renowned magician, is set to present a dramatic and potentially final act titled “Dynamo is Dead” on December 14th.

This groundbreaking special will be broadcast live on Sky Max and the streaming service NOW, featuring Dynamo in a daring performance that includes being buried alive.

Dynamo, known globally for his extraordinary feats like walking on water and levitating above skyscrapers, returns with this unique live show. The special promises to keep viewers riveted as Dynamo embarks on a harrowing and climactic act of burying himself, symbolically laying to rest his alter ego.

The program not only showcases Dynamo’s thrilling stunts but also delves into his personal journey, exploring themes of loss, struggle with mental health, and ultimately, recovery and renewal.

The narrative is enriched by Dynamo’s interactions with notable personalities such as Tyson Fury, Demi Lovato, Coldplay, Cara Delevingne, and Steven Bartlett, who share their insights, contributing to Dynamo’s journey towards liberation and self-discovery.

“Dynamo is Dead” is a 90-minute special, commissioned by Phil Edgar-Jones for Sky and co-produced by Expectation TV and Seventeen.

Dynamo himself, alongside Rowland French, Ben Wicks, and Josh Berger, serve as the executive producers. The show, a blend of magic, personal storytelling, and celebrity interactions, will air at 9pm on Sky Max and NOW in the UK, promising an evening of captivating television.

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