Can HBO Max Wave A Magic Wand & Really Take Us Back To Hogwarts?

The possibility of Harry Potter moving to the small screen seems like the next logical step for the franchise, says TVWise contributor Charlee Peters.

With the rumour mill springing into action earlier this year, no one could escape the news that HBO Max were in talks about a much-anticipated Harry Potter TV series. Potter fans were delighted to hear the possibility of the Wizarding World once more opening its doors to us muggles.

Whilst nothing has been confirmed and no writers attached to the project, a move to the small screen and streaming services seems like the next step for the franchise. Will we see the Cursed Child hop a broomstick from the stage to the screen or will something new from J.K Rowling and co magic its way straight onto HBO Max?

There is a wealth of possible pitches that could be made for a Potter series and getting it spot on would be monumental for HBO Max. A series based around the older generation of Hogwarts’ students would certainly answer the hardcore fans demands to know more about life during the first wizarding war, whilst I personally would love a glimpse into the goings on of Azkaban, the magical prison guarded by soul sucking dementors. Perhaps a visit to Harry’s wizard hating relatives and how the Dursley’s were impacted by their brush with magic.

Rowling’s world is so expansive and rich in detail but in reality, we’ve only scratched the surface of the magical population. Casting will of course be key, keeping the tradition of utilising the United Kingdom’s best celebrated actors should be continued for the authentic Hogwarts feel, one of the things that makes the previous films so successful is the (almost) perfect casting transferring the characters we grew to know and love from the pages of a well-thumbed novel straight onto the screen.

Recent social media discussions have posed the possibility of using the original trio to reprise their roles for a Cursed Child series, now adults themselves they’re the right ages to play Harry, Ron and Hermione again as adults. The three actors have changed so much since stepping into the Great Hall all those years ago though, would a reunion really be the right thing? Whatever happens with this remains to be seen, but as an avid ‘Potterhead’ I for one will be spellbound to see what comes out of the Wizarding World next.