Otto Bathurst Boards New ‘Frankenstein’ Adaptation From BlackBox Multimedia & Stone Village TV

Peaky Blinders helmer Otto Bathurst and his production company One Big Picture have boarded Frankenstein, a new adaptation of the Mary Shelley classic novel that hails from BlackBox Multimedia and Stone Village TV.

Frankenstein will capture the nuanced behaviours and obsessions of a scientist exploring the fine thread between life and death in the context of the contemporary scientific discoveries of the last decade. The series will stay true to the original work and characters, with experiential elements to update the story for modern international viewers.

At present there is no UK broadcaster attached to the project. It is envisioned as a returning series. Bradley McManus (Bodyguard Of Lies) is penning the script for the series, which will be directed by Otto Bathurst. “Frankenstein is my favourite book to understand life. It’s so timely and Otto and Bradley have created such a unique take on this adaptation”, said Scott Steindorff, Managing Partner at Stone Village TV.

“With Frankenstein, Mary Shelley dramatised difference in the most absolute way possible, embodied in Victor Frankenstein’s Creature”, said Giuliano Papadia, CEO and Creative Director of BlackBox Multimedia. “It is to the Creature we want to return, to the Creature not as a monster, but as a living body with a voice. Otto’s talent and One Big Picture’s expertise will further cement this adaption as a show that will entertain, inspire and move viewers around the world in equal measure.”

While Otto Bathurst, founder of One Big Picture and series director, added: “We are inspired by this opportunity to take a really deep dive into the original text and deliver the arrestingly relevant truth that Shelley has so powerfully embedded in this incredible story. To be able to deliver a modern and true version of this ever-more-pertinent tale is an undertaking that we are extremely excited by.”