FOX Acquires UK Rights To ABC's 'The Family', Sets October Premiere – TVWise

FOX UK has acquired the UK rights to ABC’s short-lived drama series The Family after striking a deal with international distributor Disney Media Distribution. The show, which was cancelled after a single season, will premiere on the channel on Sunday October 11th at 9pm.
The Family picks up some ten years after 9-year-old Adam Warren disappeared from Red Pines, Maine and the world has changed a lot in his absence. His mother, Claire, who was then just starting her first City Council campaign, has been elected mayor. His father, John, is now the bestselling author of “Grieving with Grace” a book series on coping with loss. Adam’s siblings, Danny and Willa, who were supposed to be watching Adam when he disappeared, have each dealt with their guilt in their own way. Willa turned to religion and busied herself with work, playing a huge role in her mother’s political career, while Danny gave up his bright athletic future for a life of booze-fueled floundering. Nina Meyer, the young cop who put the Warren’s neighbor, Hank, in jail for Adam’s murder, is now a hotshot detective and next in line for Chief.
Everyone has managed to piece together a new life in the wake of Adam’s disappearance. So, when a young man appears in Red Pines claiming to be Adam, it throws everyone into a tailspin. The man sitting in jail for Adam’s death is released as the Warrens struggle beneath the emotional weight of Adam’s return. John and Claire’s marriage is tested as they disagree on how to deal with Adam and past indiscretions are brought to light. Danny is slow to welcome Adam, who is so drastically different than the brother he once knew, back into the family, while Willa tries to hold the family together as she hides secrets of her own. As Adam’s DNA test is called into question and a guilt-ridden Nina reopens the case, we start to wonder what really happened ten years ago. Is Adam really who he says he is? And if not, what evil has been unleashed on the city of Red Pines? The drama series is produced by ABC Studios and stars Joan Allen, Allison Pill, Margot Bingham, Zach Gilford, Liam James, Floriana Lima, Madeline Arthur, Rarmian Newton, Rupert Graves and Andrew McCarthy.