ITV Releases Trailer & First Look Images For ‘Des’

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ITV has released the trailer and six first look images from their upcoming David Tennant fronted miniseries Des, which is set to premiere next month.

Des tells the story of Dennis Nilsen, who murdered boys and young men in his flat from 1978 to 1983. He was undetected for five years, and it was only when DCI Peter Jay was called to 23 Cranley Gardens on 9 February, 1983, to investigate human fragments of flesh and bone clogging the drains, that the police realised they had a serial killer on their hands. It is told through the prism of three men – Dennis Nilsen, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Jay and biographer Brian Masters. It will explore how a man like Nilsen was able to prey on the young and vulnerable in 1980s Britain and will not only highlight the police investigation and trial but also the effect of the media coverage on public perceptions of the victims at the time, raising questions of just how far have we really come since then?

The three-part drama, which is based on material from the book Killing For Company by Brian Masters and was developed by Luke Neal and Lewis Arnold, is produced by New Pictures in association with All3Media International and stars David Tennant, Daniel Mays, Jason Watkins, Ron Cook, Faye McKeever, Chanel Cresswell, Barry Ward, Tony Way, Bronagh Waugh, Laurie Kynaston, Ross Anderson, Ben Bailey Smith, Jay Simpson, Silas Carson, Stuart McQuarrie, Jamie Parker, Lex Shrapnel, Gerard Horan, Joel Morris, Jonathan Coy, Amy Booth-Steel, Ken Bones, Andrew Woodall and Amaka Okafor. David Meanti is the series producer, while Lewis Arnold is the director. The executive producers are Willow Grylls, Kim Varvell, Charlie Pattinson, Elaine Pyke, Luke Neal, Lewis Arnold and David Tennant.

Check out the trailer and first look images below: