Jetpack Distribution Lands Global Rights To Marvel Comics Adaptation 'NEW-GEN' – TVWise

Jetpack Distribution has secured the global rights to NEW-GEN, a new sci-fi animated series starring Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things, Ghostbusters: Afterlife), Nick Wolfhard (The InBetween, World Trigger) and Anya Chalotra (The Witcher, The ABC Murders). The series, which is currently in pre-production, is based on the comic book series printed and distributed by Marvel Comics.
NEW-GEN follows Sean and Chris, twin brothers who live as ordinary teenagers and nanotech enhanced superheroes. NEW-GEN is a futuristic utopia where human beings, alien creatures, and mechanical life-forms peacefully co-exist. Designed and built with nanotechnology, NEW-GEN balances nature and technology, weaving together an ecologically sustainable paradise. Its existence becomes threatened by a nanotech war and heroes from Earth and NEW-GEN are called to defeat the encroaching evil.
The series, which is aimed at 7+ year olds, is being produced by APNG Enterprises and Bardel Entertainment and was created by J.D. Matonti, and co-written by Eugene Son. The showrunner is Brent Friedman. J.D. Matonti, Chris Matonti and Julia Coppola are the producers. The producers plan to offer a multi-platform, multi-tech experience. Viewers will be able to download an augmented reality app enabling players’ use of nanotech powers to battle various creatures from the show. Fans can also explore a web-based experience which weaves scientific fact and fiction to depict what nanotech is and where it might be in the future.
“We intend to take you to a visual place never seen before in the futuristic utopia of NEW-GEN. Nanotech governs this rich world and the superheroes who dwell in it. Finn Wolfhard, Nick Wolfhard and Anya Chalotra, young talent breathe life into the relatable lead characters as we move from comics distributed by Marvel to animated series and other multimedia platforms”, said creator, director and executive producer J.D. Matonti. “We are enthusiastic to work with Bardel Entertainment and Jetpack Distribution to bring the NEW-GEN® story to a New Generation of audiences around the world.”
While Jetpack Distribution’s CEO Dominic Gardiner added: “The moment we were introduced to NEW-GEN® we were blown away! There’s so much going on in this show for kids. It’s a thrilling sci-fi adventure where everyday teenagers become superheroes on a mission to defeat a demonic overlord. The show contains other universal themes such as brotherhood, teamwork and identity. It will offer unique digital elements which will allow viewers to experience the story and characters in ways becoming increasingly more relevant to them. We are looking forward to finding homes for NEW-GEN® and bringing it to global audiences.”