UKTV Sees Surge Amongst Younger Viewers, High Demand For Classic Shows Including ‘The Bill’ & ‘Red Dwarf’

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UKTV has recorded a surge in viewership from younger people during the lockdown. The network has seen a 55% increase in the 16-34 demo when compared to the pre-lockdown period. Interestingly, these viewers have been consuming classic TV titles such as The Bill, Only Fools & Horses, Gavin & Stacey and The Vicar Of Dibley. UKTV originals Red Dwarf: The Promised Land, Hypothetical and Meet The Richardsons also proved to be popular.

Preliminary data for Dave’s new show Big Zuu’s Big Eats reveals that close to half of its audience is also in the 16-34 demo. Additionally, it’s worth noting April marks UKTV’s best SOCI (Share of Commercial Impacts) amongst 16-34s in the past six years. UKTV Play has seen a 27% increase in views, with a 16% increase amongst 16-34s. The UKTV network’s reach amongst young viewers is also increasing. Weekly reach is up 22%, while daily reach is up 37.8%.

“Television can bring great comfort in these troubled times. We’re staying at home and the news is bleak, but escapist, entertaining and comforting TV can bring great joy”, said UKTV CEO Marcus Arthur. “Shared viewing has increased by a quarter as families sit down together to watch TV and the boost in 16-34-year-olds visiting UKTV’s channels has contributed to the network’s strong growth in share of commercial impacts.

“It’s heartening to see younger viewers discovering iconic shows that have stood the test of time and are just as funny and engaging today as they were years ago. And our strategy of commissioning original programming on a bedrock of classics means new shows like the feature length Red Dwarf: The Promised Land, Big Zuu’s Big Eats and Meet The Richardsons offer audiences fresh and exciting programming alongside a vast catalogue of firm favourites.”