Syfy Sets UK Premiere Date For 'Project Blue Book' Season 2 – TVWise

The second season of Project Blue Book will receive its UK premiere on Syfy UK on Thursday March 12th at 9pm, it has been announced.
Project Blue Book follows Dr. J Allen Hynek, a brilliant yet underappreciated college professor, who is recruited by the US Air Force to spearhead a clandestine operation called “Project Blue Book.” Along with his partner, Captain Michael Quinn, Hynek is summoned to investigate UFO sightings around the country and uses science to discover what really happened. However, when some encounters cannot be explained and cases remain open, he begins to suspect that he as been duped by the government into a larger conspiracy to cover up the truth.
The drama series – which is based on the US Air Force’s UFO investigations that took place between 1952 and 1969 – is produced by A+E Studios and stars Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Neal McDonough, Michael Harney, Laura Mennell and Ksenia Solo. In the show’s second season, Dr. Hynek and Captain Michael Quinn are on a dangerous quest for the truth and delve deeper into themes of global conspiracy, touch on how UFOs have impacted the evolution of our nation’s military practices and technology and lean into the nostalgia of the 1950s. It will also kick-off with a deep dive into two of the most well-known UFO cases in US history: Roswell, New Mexico where a rancher claimed to have found mysterious wreckage on his property thought to be a UFO and Area 51, a government run location in Nevada historically rumored to be a magnet for paranormal events and UFO-related activity.
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