Movies 24 Sets Premiere Date For ‘Chronicle Mysteries: Vines That Bind’

Vines That Bind – the third entry in Hallmark’s Chronicle Mysteries movie series – will premiere on Movies 24 on Sunday April 12th at 3pm, it has been announced.

Chronicle Mysteries follows Alex McPherson, the host of a true crime podcast as she embarks on her latest project. The series of TV movies are produced by Chronicles Productions, Inc and stars Alison Sweeney (Days Of Our Lives) and Benjamin Ayres (Saving Hope).

In Vines That Bind, the latest edition of Alex McPherson’s (Sweeney) true crime podcast leads her and most of the Chronicle staff to nearby Macklin, where they investigate the death of a vintner that was ruled an accident by the local police. Before Alex can get to the bottom of what she feels was a murder, another member of the family is felled by a bullet. She and her colleagues soon amass a formidable roster of suspects, of whom had the motive and opportunity to commit the crimes.

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