Channel 4 Releases Trailer For ‘Home’ Season 2

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Channel 4 has released the trailer for the second season of Home, which is set to premiere on Wednesday February 5th at 10pm.

Created by Rufus Jones, Home follows the experience of Sami, a Syrian refugee who enters Britain illegally to claim asylum. Living in with Peter, Katy and John, Sami and his adoptive family discover and come to terms with what a home really means. The comedy series, which was initally piloted as a Blap, is produced by Jantaculum and Channel X and stars Rufus Jones, Rebekah Staton, Oaklee Pendergast and Youssef Kerkour. Season two picks up six months after Sami’s interview with the Home Office in order to stay permanently in the UK.

Douglas Henshall joins the cast for season two. He plays Elliot, John’s dad and Katy’s ex-husband. Elliot has been absent for a few years, and when he makes a sudden reappearance into their lives no-one really expects it to go smoothly. Elliot claims to have cleaned up his act, and is still as charming as ever, but the undercurrent of chaos is still very much there. But Elliot is John’s dad, and wants to see more of his son. John is smitten, but Katy, Peter and Sami aren’t so sure. Jones is penning the scripts for season two, which is directed by David Sant. The executive producers are Alan Marke and Jim Reid.

Check out the trailer below: