BBC Three Renews ‘Jerk’ For Second Season

BBC Three has handed out a second season renewal to their Tim Renkow fronted comedy Jerk. Four twenty-two minute episodes have been ordered for the show’s second season, which will initially air in BBC Three in 2020, followed by a repeat run on BBC One.

Jerk follows Tim Renkow, who has cerebral palsy, which means that people judge him and his crumpled tissue of a body. But usually they judge him wrongly. Because what they don’t realise is that inside that severely disabled, fragile body is a bit of an asshole. The comedy series, which was piloted as part of BBC Three’s 2016 Comedy Feeds, is produced by Roughcut TV and Primal Media and stars Tim Renkow, Lorraine Bracco, Sharon Rooney and Rob Madin.

The show’s second season pick up after the wake of season one’s finale. Tim Renkow is back. Having been previously forced to return to the US, he’s now enrolled himself on a post graduate course in London. Not that he has any intention of actually going. But a student visa means he can stay in the UK – where he intends to wreak more havoc. Milking the discomfort his cerebral palsy creates in others, and pushing the boundaries of what he can get away with for his own amusement.

“We’ve tried really hard to get rid of Tim Renkow”, said Ash Atalla, Roughcut TV Managing Director and Executive Producer. “Unfortunately Jerk has been recommissioned and we now have to continue working with the self-proclaimed genius that he is. You can’t win them all.”

While Kate Daughton, Head of BBC Comedy, added: “We’re delighted to welcome back Tim Renkow’s outrageously funny Jerk for a second series. Tim has a unique voice and an ability to take down his targets like no one else. We can’t wait to see who he sets his sights on next.”