BBC One Sets Premiere Date For ‘Worzel Gummidge: The Scarecrow Of Scatterbrook’

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Worzel Gummidge: The Scarecrow Of Scatterbrook will premiere on BBC One on Boxing Day (Thursday December 26th) at 6:20pm, it has been announced.

Worzel Gummidge follows the titular character, who is the Scarecrow of Ten Acre Field. The series, which is based on the books by Barbara Euphan Todd, is produced by Leopard Pictures, Treasure Trove Productions and Lola Entertainment and stars Mackenzie Crook, Zoë Wanamaker, Sir Michael Palin, Vicki Pepperdine, Steve Pemberton, Rosie Cavaliero, India Brown and Thierry Wickens. In addition to starring, Crook also penned and directed.

In The Scarecrow Of Scatterbrook, two young strangers arrive in the village of Scatterbrook. It’s not long before Susan and John encounter Worzel Gummidge. Their world is sent spinning into confusion when they realise Gummidge comes to life. The only person more shocked is Worzel, when he discovers that the children are not in fact fellow scarecrows, but humans. Their worlds should never commune but fate has conspired to create an extraordinary union. The seasons have stopped and the harvest hasn’t arrived. The rhythm of the natural world is out of kilter and this unlikely trio must try to put it right. Magic, mystery and mayhem unfurl.

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