BBC One Orders Parkinson’s Drama ‘But When We Dance’

BBC One has ordered But When We Dance, a one-off drama about two people who both have Parkinson’s and a shared love of dance.

But When We Dance is described as a touching and hilarious story about two people, Tony and Emma, with lots in common – a great sense of humour, a love of dance, and Parkinson’s.

Paul Mayhew-Archer penned the script for the drama, which is being produced by Endor Productions in association with Clearwood Films. Hilary Bevan Jones is the producer, while Jonny Campbell is directing. The executive producers are Lucy Richer, Paul Mayhew-Archer and Ellie Wood. It was commissioned by the BBC’s Controller of Drama Piers Wenger and the BBC’s Director of Content Charlotte Moore.

“People with Parkinson’s are also funny and loving and irrepressibly optimistic, and I know this because I‘m one of them”, said writer and executive producer Paul Mayhew-Archer. “When I was first diagnosed, my neurologist, who is a lovely man, told me: ‘You seem to find it quite hard to smile’. Well, I thought, maybe that’s because you’ve just told me I have Parkinson’s.”

“But When We Dance is a captivating and unusual love story that Paul has written with warmth and wit. Tony and Emma have every reason not to fall in love – both live with a progressive disease that is currently incurable”, commented producer Hilary Bevan Jones. “But the experience of living with Parkinson’s can be mysterious as it can give as well as take away.”

While the BBC’s Senior Drama Commissioning Editor Lucy Richer added: “Paul writes with honesty, humour and hope about an important subject which will impact on many of us in our lifetimes. We are very proud to tell this story on BBC One.”