UKTV Creative Unveils Dave Originals Advert

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UKTV Creative – the broadcaster’s award-winning in-house creative team – has unveiled a new advert for Dave that will begin airing on the channel as of today (Tuesday June 11th).

The ad in question was filmed over a six month period and features talent behind the channel’s original series offering a behind-the-scene glimpse of programme making and reinforcing the message that Dave is now home to more original British comedy than ever before.

Some of the talent taking part in the ad include Greg Davies and Alex Horne from Taskmaster, Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont from Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier, Romesh Ranganathan from Judge Romesh, Sara Pascoe from Comedians Giving Lectures, Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster from Hypothetical, and Samson Kayo, Theo Barklem-Biggs and Weruche Opia from scripted comedy Sliced.

The ad is also being accompanied by an innovative social creative that has been directed by Twitter Polls conducted on the official Dave account. “It was important for us to complement the channel’s on-air creative with an online campaign that would resonate with our fans and reflects Dave’s way of seeing the world, so we’ve asked Dave’s followers to create their own social ad. It’s the perfect way of engaging with our fans in a fun and playful way”, said Dave’s Social Editor Aaron Gillies. The social ad, guided by such questions as “Should or advert open with: a Taskmaster clip or a pint of hash browns”, went live on Dave’s Twitter account at midday. Check it out below: