DRG Acquires Trio Of Factual Series From WildBear Entertainment

DRG has acquired international distribution rights to three new factual titles from leading Australian factual producer WildBear Entertainment after striking a deal with Wild Thring Media. The three titles covered by this deal are A Royal Tour Of The 20th Century, Titans Of The 20th Century, and Jungle War.

A Royal Tour Of The 20th Century is a four episode series following the British royal family, and especially Queen Elizabeth, as they influence and participate in a wealth of defining historical moments. The series offers a unique new look at the royal family at work, and its enduring influence on the global stage.

Titans Of The 20th Century is a six episode series telling the story of the most powerful figures in the last century, those who caused and those who cured our most troubled times. Anchored around four leading characters – Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt and Hitler – it also includes a number of supporting and ‘bit players’ who crossed their paths, influenced their thinking and underpinned key events. The series, which has been pre-sold to N-TV in Germany, starts at the end of World War I – with each episode covering a pivotal period up until 1949.

Jungle War is a six episode series that examines conflict in some of the world’s most hostile and challenging environments. It tells the story of the World War II campaigns fought in the jungles of Asia/Pacific – from the Solomon Islands and New Guinea to Borneo and Burma – and of the post-war conflicts in Malaya, East Timor, Vietnam and parts of Central and South America. The series utilises archive footage and expert commentary, coupled with personal testimony of the conditions, and contemporary footage.

“We pride ourselves in creating compelling and accessible history series that cover iconic subjects from new angles – and with new information”, said Michael Tear, Chief Executive Officer of WildBear Entertainment. “Our on-going relationship with DRG has seen our programming travel the globe and we are confidant that their expertise and relationships with buyers will ensure the same for these new titles.”

While DRG’s Senior Vice-President of Acquisitions Mette Kanne-Behrendsen, who struck the deal with Wild Thring Media, added: “WildBear’s considered use of archive material and storytelling expertise are now widely established in the international marketplace and we delighted that we can meet on-going demand for their programming by investing in these wonderful new titles. Content focused around the key people and events of the 20th century is perennially popular, and with the Duke of Edinburgh recently retiring from public life and the Queen expected to cut back on her duties, this extraordinary look at the royal family’s work around the world should prove very timely.”