Nat Geo Wild Acquires 'Predator Land' In Deal With DRG – TVWise

National Geographic has struck a deal with international distributor DRG for natural history series Predator Land. The three-parter will air on their global Nat Geo Wild channels. The deal was brokered by DRG’s Senior Vice-President of North and South America Scott Kirkpatrick and National Geographic’s Manager, of Global Acquisitions Lauren Billingsley.
Predator Land dissects the lives of Africa’s most iconic predatory animals in order to understand their every move in detail: how they hunt, how they eat, and how they live, think and hunt with others. The series is produced by South Africa’s Obsessively Creative and was filmed in the wildernesses of the Luangwa Valley, the Kalahari Desert and the Kruger National Park. DRG’s Mette Kanne-Behrendsen is the executive producer.
“National Geographic is the premier destination for wildlife content so we are delighted that Predator Land has been acquired and will be broadcast across its Nat Geo Wild network to more than 160 territories.
Predator content is eternally popular, but new behaviours and the very latest in scientific research and thinking are vital to attract viewers”, said Scott Kirkpatrick. “In Predator Land, with its impeccable mix of stunning photography, new science and incredible predator behaviour, Obsessively Creative has succeeded in producing a distinctive wildlife mini series that is destined to both inform and entertain audiences worldwide.“