Channel 5 Orders Michael Portillo Fronted Documentary Series ‘The Trouble With The Tory Party’

Well here’s a timely commission. Channel 5 has commissioned Portillo: The Trouble With The Tory Party, a two-part documentary series fronted by the former Defence Secretary that explores the schism inside the Conservative party over Europe that has now led to the downfall of both Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

Portillo: The Trouble With The Tory Party reveals how the party has descended into chaos and bitter civil war.  Given his history in the party, Portillo is uniquely placed to access the key players and interpret the events that have divided his party and the nation. From Lamont to Osborne, Clarke to Boris, Heseltine to Hague, Michael will meet the leaders, power brokers and party insiders who have called the shots on the European conundrum during one of the most transformative moments in recent history.

Through Michael’s unique political insight, the series will reveal why the Tory party has grappled with Europe for so long. The series is being produced by Transparent Television, with Jazz Gowans and Ruairi Fallon serving as executive producers. It was commissioned for Channel 5 by Factual Commissioning Editor Guy Davies. “This is an incredibly timely piece with Michael’s top level insider insight into the political earthquakes that are shaking up British politics, and within the Conservative Party in particular”, Davies said. “Who better than Michael to present this series as someone who spent a political career inside the heart of the party.”

“Winston Churchill called for a United States of Europe, Ted Heath led Britain into the European Community, Margaret Thatcher said “No, no, no” to European integration, and Brexit has torn the Conservatives in two”, Michael Portillo said in a statement. “This series will explain the party’s hideous ructions over Britain’s place in Europe, which mirror the divisions in the nation.”

While Jazz Gowans, CEO of Transparent Television, added: “Michael is such an impressive and established broadcaster, it is a privilege to work with him again. This landmark, authored series sees him challenging key politicians – from both today and decades past – revealing the behind the scenes story and offering a rare window inside the corridors of power. Michael is uniquely placed to explore the issues surrounding the Conservative Party, which has shaped and changed the lives of British people for generations, as well as offering a comprehensive account of its history.”