Lee Child Developing True Crime Anthology Drama With Dancing Ledge

Jack Reacher author Lee Child has teamed up with the FremantleMedia backed indie Dancing Ledge Productions to develop Lee Child: True Crime, a anthology series that will dramatise the stories of real-life men and women from around the world who have been driven to stand up and put their lives on the line, fighting for justice in the face of great danger.

The series will feature real-life crime stories that have the same mythic compulsion of Lee Child’s novels and dramatise a whole new biosphere of crime. Focusing on the hero of each story, the series will celebrate individuals who have triumphed against impossible odds. Real life Jack Reachers.

Dancing Ledge has put together a research team to comb through real-life crime stories from the US and across the world and will identify those that really excite and celebrate the universe of Lee Child’s writing. The company and Lee are currently discussing the project with potential Showrunners and will then take the project to market. “We all read thrillers and watch movies where an average person goes to extraordinary lengths, to defend family or tribe, or to seek justice”, Lee Child said in a statement. “It turns out that reality goes even further – we have some amazing stories to tell, some of them barely believable, but they’re all true.”

“Lee Child: True Crime will be ground-breaking in the way it marries the magnetic, universal brand of a great author with real life stories to offer its audience a completely fresh perspective on crime. Jack Reacher is the latest incarnation of an outsider avenger that goes all the way back to Robin Hood, King Arthur and the Lone Ranger”, added Laurence Bowen, CEO of Dancing Ledge Productions. “He’s represents an absolutely universal force, so finding the real-life men and women who have been driven to step outside the normal rules and get justice done in their own way is incredibly exciting. There will be nothing else like this on television.”