FOX UK Sets Premiere Date For ‘Deep State’ Season 2

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The second season of Deep State will premiere on FOX UK on Thursday May 9th at 9pm, it has been announced.

From Matthew Parkhill and Simon Maxwell, Deep State is set in the murky and political world of the deep state. The drama series, which was the first regional commission for FOX UK parent Fox Networks Group Europe & Africa, is produced by Endor Production and stars Walton Goggins, Joe Dempsie, Karima McAdams, Anastasia Griffith, Alistair Petrie, Victoria Hamilton, Alexander Siddig, Lily Banda and Zainab Jah. The executive producers are Matthew Parkhill, Hilary Bevan Jones, Simon Maxwell, Walton Goggins, Alan Greenspan, Helen Flint and Sara Johnson. The directors are Joss Agnew and Paul Frift.

In the show’s second season, Harry Clarke and Leyla Toumi are still reeling from the fall out of the debacle in Tehran. Harry has taken himself out of active duty completely and it is only at the insistence of Leyla that he is dragged back into the deeply secretive and deadly dangerous world of the deep state. The deep state is on the threshold of reaping enormous rewards from a US Government deal that is being brokered with Mali, a sub-Saharan country replete in vast natural resources hugely valuable to the Western World’s insatiable appetite for technological advancement. The deal is suddenly plunged into jeopardy when three US special forces operatives and a Malian translator are ambushed and supposedly killed. The deep state hastily deploys Nathan Miller, an ex-CIA operative, to ensure, at any cost, the deal is completed, but his actions are thwarted when the Malian translator, Aïcha Konaté contacts Leyla and informs her of the actual events surrounding her supposed death.

Complicating matters for Miller are Meaghan Sullivan, a Republican Senator from Ohio, with an insatiable appetite for the uncovering the truth about the deep state and Aminata Sissoko, a senior advisor to the Malian President who is the deep state’s main obstacle in gaining a foothold in her country. A past storyline reconnects with last season’s George White, a senior MI6 agent and Amanda Jones, a CIA operative and the introduction of Issouf Al Moctar, a Tuareg leader of an armed independence group. From here on in, viewers are taken on another extraordinary, helter-skelter journey in which Harry and Leyla must do everything in their power to stop the insidious advancement of the malignant network that is known as the deep state.

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