BBC Studios Developing Marilyn Monroe Drama From ‘Trust Me’ Creator Dan Sefton

BBC Studios is teaming with Seven Seas Films and Trust Me creator Dan Sefton for a new drama series exploring the last six months of Marilyn Monroe’s life. The series is based on Keith Badman’s book The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe: The Shocking True Story. The executive producers are Anne Pivcevic for BBC Studios and Simon Lupton for Seven Seas Films.

Dan Sefton – the writer behind a litany of shows including The Good Karma HospitalDeliciousPorters and upcoming daytime effort The Mallorca Files – is penning the scripts. “I am thrilled to be working with BBC Studios to bring this incredible true story to the screen”, he said. “Marilyn’s desire to be taken seriously as an actress and her battle with the powerful men who control the studio system is sadly as relevant today as it ever was.”

The Last Days Of Marilyn Monroe (w/t) explores the last period of her life that saw her seeking to assert herself with her Hollywood bosses. It also saw her increasingly erratic behaviour and dependence on alcohol and medication plunge her glittering film career into decline. The story will be seen from various perspectives, not just Marilyn’s and the series, where the harsh glamour of 1960s Hollywood and the hard-edged politics of Washington intersect, will get as close as possible to the truth

“We are delighted to be developing this ambitious drama with Dan, which tackles big themes such as power, love, loyalty and politics”, added BBC Studios’ Executive Producer Anne Pivcevic. “In the last few months of her life, Marilyn was sincerely loved, callously betrayed, cynically filled with hope and ultimately cruelly abandoned. Her death changed the lives of everyone in her orbit and cemented her status as a legend.”