About Premium Content Rebrands As APC Studios

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About Premium Content is rebranding. The independent distribution company will now be known as APC Studios. The rebranding marks the fifth anniversary of the company and their move into production, financing and development, alongside their long-standing distribution business.

APC Studios will serve as the umbrella for APC, APC Kids, animation production company Zephyr and any future fiction production labels. The company is developing a number of new projects across scripted and animation – both co-developments with international partners or APC-initiated projects.

The scripted slate comprises include projects from the US, UK, Denmark, South Africa, Finland, Switzerland and France. There are currently six animated projects and a live action series in development at Zephyr. For each of the new shows, APC Studios will participate in development funding, editorial development and the overall financing strategy as well as handling global sales on a case by case basis.

“We had always planned to develop into production but had chosen to first establish a solid and agile global distribution operation. It is now the right time to accelerate the development of our production activities”, said Emmanuelle Guilbart and Laurent Boissel, Joint CEOs and Co-Founders at APC. “We are rebranding as a mini studio to further solidify our commitment to developing and financing projects with both local and global appeal. We will apply the same selectivity and tailor-made approach to the production that has made our success in international sales.”