ITV News Launches Paul Brand Podcast ‘Acting Prime Minister’

ITV News has today launched Acting Prime Minister, a new podcast hosted by ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand. The podcast is available via Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube.

Acting Prime Minister sees Paul Brand offer a guest the hypothetical keys to Number 10 and asks them what they’d do if they were in charge. In the interview, he’ll explore what law they’d pass, who’d be in their fantasy cabinet, which world leader they’d call first and even what their Downing Street pet would be.

“Understandably, Brexit dominates the political debate right now, but too often it’s to the exclusion of everything else. Discussion is led by the same dozen or so MPs rehearsing the same handful of arguments, with little room to talk about the other vital issues our country faces”, Brand said. “We want to open up a space to start that conversation, hearing fresh ideas from the creative corners of parliament and beyond. How would they change Britain if they were in charge?”

In the first episode, Labour MP Sarah Champion, the former Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, takes her turn as acting PM. She reveals her primary focus would be on radically changing the laws on prostitution and explains how criminalising payment for sex could also dramatically impact on domestic violence, child abuse and prevailing gender stereotypes in Britain. She also faces a round of quick-fire questions, ranging from her handling of Donald Trump and her willingness to press the nuclear button to the pet she would take into Downing Street with her.