BBC Two Orders Michael Jackson Documentary 'The Rise And Fall' – TVWise

BBC Two has ordered Michael Jackson: The Rise And Fall, a new documentary from Jacques Peretti exploring the life of Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson: The Rise And Fall take us from his Jackson’s years with The Jackson 5 in Gary, Indiana, to his time in New York – and the notorious nightclub Studio 54 – to his relationship with the media, retreat into fantasy and creation of Neverland, to the preparations for his This Is It concerts shortly before his death.
It will unpick the circumstances, controversies and accusations that continue to surround him today in an attempt to better understand the rise and fall of the pop superstar. The documentary will feature testimony from those who knew and worked with Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson: The Rise And Fall is written and presented by Peretti – marking his fourth Jackson documentary following Michael Jackson: What Really Happened; Michael Jackson’s Last Days: What Really Happened; and Michael Jackson’s Secret Hollywood. BBC Studios are producing, Shurwin Beckford is the director and producer. Janet Lee is the executive producer.
“Jaques Peretti has been one of the foremost critical commentators of Michael Jackson and his troubled life and legacy. When he came to us over a year ago with the idea of reappraising him 10 years after his death, we were immediately taken with the project”, said BBC Two Controller Patrick Holland, who commissioned the one-off documentary alongside Commissioning Editor for BBC Arts Mark Bell. “We knew it would not shy away from the controversies that surround MJ and would be a thorough look at the many facets of his life that would help us try to understand what made him who he was.”
The announcement of this new Michael Jackson documentary as controversy is already swirling around Leaving Neverland, the HBO/Channel 4 documentary which explores two specific allegation of child abuse against Jackson. The Jackson estate has already filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit against HBO for the documentary, alleging that by airing it the premium cable network is violating a “non-disparagement” clause of a prior agreement that was inked in the 1990s. Channel 4 and HBO will air Leaving Neverland next week.