Screening Service ProgramBuyer Launches Today; Lionsgate Boards As 75th Distribution Partner

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Following a a soft-launch last year, ProgramBuyer has launched as of today. Additionally, Lionsgate has boarded the screening service – marking the 75th distribution company to offer their content on ProgramBuyer.

ProgramBuyer is a non-transactional screening service designed to aid international distribution. While it does not facilitate online transactions, it gives buyers the convenience of searching for and screening programming from around the world on one site and helps buyers find content quickly and easily – often from new sources.

It also supports and extends the existing marketing efforts of rights owners and distributors with minimum effort and a low subscription fee, based on programming hours. It is free for buyers. Lionsgate will offer ProgramBuyer hours of Lionsgate Television programming, including the studio’s television catalogue of unscripted series and classic titles from its Hearst and Ignite libraries.

Lionsgate joins a raft of previously announced distributors on the service, including: Kew Media Distribution, DRG, Televisa, Mondo TV, Off The Fence, Lagardère Studios Distribution, Millimages, Nordic World, APT Worldwide, INA, Looking Glass International, Keshet International, EBS, Passion Distribution and Hat Trick International.

“ProgramBuyer is a simple and cost-effective platform that extends the reach of our content to even more buyers in the international marketplace”, said Lionsgate Executive Vice-President of Worldwide Distribution Gene George. “It maximizes the value of our alternative programming catalogue and enables potential distribution partners to discover Lionsgate titles they might not know exist. We are excited to be part of the launch and look forward to the range of opportunities that develop for our content.”

While ProgramBuyer founders Edwina Thring and Roz Parker added: “We are delighted that is officially launched and are proud that so many distributors and buyers from around the world have readily seen the benefits it offers. Buyers have been particularly impressed with our detailed search functionality, which allows them to easily find quite specific or niche programming. With our content and buyer numbers increasing every week, and our world getting ever larger and more complex, we are confident that ProgramBuyer will simplify the search for great programming, build relationships and prove itself a vital one-stop portal for both buyers and rights owners”.