ITV Orders Four-Part Family Drama ‘Flesh And Blood’ From Sarah Williams & Silverprint Pictures

ITV has given the green-light to Flesh And Blood, a four-part family drama from The Long Song scribe Sarah Williams and ITV Studios label Silverprint Pictures. Per ITV, this is no ordinary family drama, however, as someone in the family will be dead by the end of the series and the question of who dies and who is the killer is left lingering until the last moment.

Flesh And Blood tells the story of three adult siblings – Helen, Jake and Natalie – who are thrown into disarray when their recently widowed mother Vivien declares she’s in love with a new man. As she nears her 70th birthday, the siblings’ suspicions are heightened when retired GP Mark sweeps their mother off her feet, shifting her priorities away from her children. The happiness of her 45-year marriage to their father, Terry, is called into question, which sends a seismic shock through the lives of the siblings. Years of secrets, lies, rivalries and betrayals come to the surface and threaten to blow apart everything they’ve held dear.

With their large family home overlooking the Kent coast, their inheritance and the happy memories of their childhood all suddenly threatened by the arrival of Mark, the siblings attempt to find out more about him. But will their long-buried grudges and complicated personal lives allow them to pull together? Sarah Williams is penning the scripts and will also executive produce alongside Silverprint Pictures’ Creative Director Kate Bartlett. Letitia Knight is the series producer. Production is set to get underway in June in London and on the Kent Coast. ITV Studios Global Entertainment will handle global sales.

“Sarah Williams perfectly captures the messy personal lives of the three siblings, and all is not what it seems. There’s so much more going on behind closed doors as we explore themes of relationships, trust, loyalty and love”, said ITV’s Head of Drama Poly Hill, who commissioned the four-parter. “Sarah cleverly weaves together this truthful family drama, through a compelling investigation that doesn’t reveal the victim until the very end. It’s a very original story, and we are delighted to have it on ITV.”

While Sarah Williams added: “Coming from a big family myself, I’ve always been fascinated by sibling dynamics.  Our brothers and sisters can be our closest allies or our sworn enemies – often in the space of a heartbeat.  There’s a bond between siblings that was formed before we were fully conscious beings – something bone-deep and instinctual.  No one can make us laugh as hard or wound us as deeply as our family – and that seemed to me incredibly rich territory for a drama.”