CITV Orders English Language ‘Project Z’ Adaptation

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CITV has handed out an eight episode series order to Project Z, an English language adaption of S4C’s Welsh language Zombie themed kids series which picked up the BAFTA Children’s Award for Entertainment last year.

Project Z is described as a combination of roleplay and escape room style problem solving, based in a world where a catastrophic experiment by fictional company Itopia has led to people transforming into Zombie-like creatures known as ‘Zeds’ – dim-witted and lethargic on their own but deadly and infectious when in groups.

Each episode will feature five survivors between 12-13 years old (Year 8) taking refuge inside their school as they face five different scenarios and challenges in their bid to either trap Zeds or escape. They will need to apply logic and gain keys, maps or clues to progress, but danger awaits at every turn as they try to avoid being caught and infected by a Zed before reaching the endgame.

Boom Kids, part of the Cardiff-based ITV Studios label Boom, are producing the English language series with Aled Mills serving as the series producer. Production will take place across the UK, all within schools that the children attend so that the environment is familiar to them. “We are excited to be working with Boom Kids for the first time and we think this absorbing and entertaining series will really resonate with our CITV audience”, said ITV Entertainment Assistant Commissioner Gemma John-Lewis.

While Angharad Garlick, Executive Producer and Head of Boom Kids, added: “This unique, escape-room style format taps into the ongoing popularity of the zombie phenomenon amongst young viewers, and we’re thrilled that CITV thinks it’s a great fit for them. The kids taking part are completely gripped by the concept from the moment the cameras start rolling, and setting them the challenge to escape from zombies on their own school premises makes it an even more immersive experience for them.”